Member Spotlight – Jane Dore

Jane Dore joined FHC over a year ago after working with Personal Trainer Adriana Medina to prepare for the Washington State Physical Abilities Test (PAT) she had to pass in order to enter the Police Academy.  She is 54 years old and patrols downtown Seattle.  When Jane was in her
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Member Highlight – Reena

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself. What do you do for work? What your family is like? I lead a product management team in analytics at Tableau software, helping people see and understand their data. My husband and I have a four-year-old son and have our hands
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Meet Lindsay Brentin

You teach Barre, POUND, Zumba, and SBZ (am I missing any?). Which is your favorite to teach and why?  Strong by Zumba is my favorite at the moment. I love seeing participants push themselves through HIIT sequences to the beat. The music motivates them to get an extra rep in, move their
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Meet Tim

We got a chance to chat with one of our most experienced trainers, Tim Beauchamp. Learn more about him in and out of the gym below!   You've lived quite a full life! You were an officer in the army, earned a degree in biology, coached tennis and skiing, and competed internationally
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Ivy & David – June Class Bingo Winners!

Meet David and Ivy, two delightful FHC members! We got a chance to chat with them about their experience completing our June Class Bingo Challenge. (The goal was to take one of each of the group exercise classes we offer during the month of June to win a free month of
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Meet Hieu

How long have you been working at FHC and what's your favorite part about it?   I've been working at FHC since September 2018. My favorite parts about it are the people I get to meet and know, including my co-workers. Also, it's very nice to be working in a place with
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Member Spotlight – John Hottovy

John Hottovy has been a member of Fremont Health club since 2014.  He joined Fremont Health Club because he was looking for a local gym with weights and that offered classes.  However, it gave him much more.  A few months after he joined, he met his future wife who at
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Tyler Hutchison

-When and how did you first get involved in athletics? What first drew you to baseball & basketball? I was first introduced into athletics at the very young age of 4 years old. My dad bought me a little baseball outfit, a ball and the rest was history as they say
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New Trainer! -Neal Haley-

Hi there! My name is Neal Haley. You’ve probably seen me at the front desk or working out on the gym floor. I have been a member of Fremont Health Club since 2014, but only just joined the team at the beginning of this year. I am currently studying to get
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Introducing Rachel Mckay!

Hi Fremont Health Club!   Have you noticed that office just to the left of the front desk when you come in? I will be hanging out there on Monday, April 8th and would love to meet you. My name is Rachel and I’ll be joining your community to provide mental health support
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Member Spotlight: Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a regular face at the gym.  He always comes in with a big smile and friendly greeting. We got to talking to him the other day to reveal where this inner contentment comes from. -He enjoys what he does. Read on to hear his story. Outside of the gym, Matt is
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Member Spotlight: Rita

I see you regularly working hard in the gym and training with Manny, one of our trainers.  What are your fitness goals and what motivates you to work so hard? I play flat track roller derby, a full-contact sport which requires both explosive strength and endurance, so my primary goals are:
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