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Lo Shdo - Group Class Instructor

Lo Shdo has been an athlete her entire life.  Her athletic skill developed early in a variety of sports, but playing soccer became the standout.  She continued to play at Seattle Pacific University as their goalkeeper.

After retiring from soccer, Lo shifted her focus to weight and fitness training.  Learning through injuries, she recognized the value of excellent fitness as a lifestyle.  Soon this lifestyle developed into her passion and calling to encourage and educate others toward optimum fitness, as a trainer.  “Working out is the highlight of my day! I strive to share that same passion with everyone else!”

Having worked hard toward the goal of being a college goalkeeper, Lo understands how important good coaching is to reach success.  She is driven to help others who might not know how to work out properly or don’t even know where to begin.

Lo has her NCSF certification as a personal trainer, as well as a Bachelor of Science minor in Health and Fitness Education. Her style of fitness is high intensity cardio, weightlifting and running.  

Lo also has another side to her – she’s an artist!  She graduated with a B.A. in Art & Illustration, specializing in drawing portraits and personal visions.  She believes in using the gifts God has given her to serve others, in hopes that they will be blessed too.

Contact: [email protected]