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Lee Mezistrano - Total Body: 50/50 INSTRUCTOR

Lee Mezistrano is a fitness and yoga instructor who brings his lifelong love of athletic activity to his workouts. While playing baseball at North Carolina State University, Lee sought out new developments in sport-specific and functional training techniques to help improve his performance and worked with school strength coaches to update the team’s training program. He later spent time in the Midwest playing baseball professionally before returning home to earn his J.D. from Seattle University.

Lee’s favorite part about working at Fremont Health Club is the opportunity to help people achieve their fitness goals. Come join him to receive a challenging and fun workout focused on building muscular strength and power, while still emphasizing the importance of control, flexibility, and injury prevention.

Outside of work, Lee likes to stay active any way he can, including playing basketball, softball, swimming, and running. Lee also enjoys live music, comedy shows, listening to podcasts, and supporting his Seattle Mariners.