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Frances Krutsky -

Frances is an avid runner, who likes to surround herself with people that are striving to better themselves. Fremont Health Club is the perfect environment to interact with people like this as everyone is working towards their own health journey here. No matter how big or small each goal is, it is amazing to see them be accomplished!

Outside of FHC, she works as a Graphic Designer and spends most of her time finding solutions for small businesses all around the West Coast. Graduating from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU in 2016, she has since been building her freelance business.

When Frances is not working, you will find her adventuring outdoors. Whether it is hiking in the mountains, surfing in the sea, or running everywhere! She is part of a local running group and you will catch her running laps around lake union in her spare time. She is constantly training for a new race or to accomplish a new goal!