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Ashley Mosher - Bootcamp and HIIT Instructor

Meet Ashley. After taking a strength and conditioning class with the Dallas Cowboys at age 12, her love and interest of gym fitness was born. She played high school and competitive level sports. She continued to foster her love of fitness through her studies in college by taking anatomy and physiology courses. Ashley worked as a PTA in a rehab and physical therapy office while attending school.


Ashley certified as a NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 2004 and worked as a personal trainer in several gyms in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area, including teaching dance conditioning in the Harvard Athletic Department. She also certified in Romana’s Pilates and graduated advanced yoga training with Larry Shultz, and then worked teaching classes in the Bay Area from San Francisco to San Jose.

After moving to Europe and helping with PE credits in the home school community, Ashley decided to change her focus to a group fitness setting. She started teaching group circuit training and HIGH Fitness in 2016. Ashley continues to be fascinated with the human body and all it can accomplish. Her goal is to encourage people to appreciate and understand their own bodies as they navigate through their fitness journey.  


When not in the gym, Ashley can be found with her family, which mostly involves hauling two active little boys around to baseball, soccer, swimming, and other activities. She loves living in Washington and all the outdoor adventure it offers for her and her active family.