Congratulations to Fremont Health Club and her success as our community’s locally owned and operated gym. We are excited to take the next step of growth here at FHC and will be expanding across the hall to give us the upgrades you, our members, have asked for. Both men’s and women’s locker rooms will be expanded to include new lockers, a sauna and added showers that are more easily accessed from the restrooms. There will be a larger classroom and more floor space added. The improvements will take place over the next two months and should have little to no impact on your regular workouts and will continue to have full access to the all its services. If any closure is needed, we will give you plenty of notice. See you at the gym, and thanks for being a part of the FHC journey,

Lillian Cawdrey, Owner

Remodel update 10.10.2018

Remodel update 9.24.2018

Moving right along.  Plumbers, electricians, tapers are hard at it this week.  The new women’s locker room should be ready by October 1.  Then we can start on the Men’s locker rooms.

Remodel update 9.7.2018

The old walls and ceiling have been removed.  The new classroom is ready for framing.  The women’s locker room is taking shape.  The saunas are assembled and in their place but not fired up yet.
We are still aiming for late September to mid-October.
Stay tuned for sneak peaks on the progress.


August 6th, 2018