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Trainer Spotlight: Tim Beauchamp

Trainer Spotlight: Tim Beauchamp

You teach a regular morning class, “Strength Training 101”, at FHC. It is geared for members that are 50+ years of age. Why is this target group such a passion for you?

It’s funny, it did not start out being a primary interest, but I was offered the chance to take over a class that Swedish Hospital had been running for post-cardiac rehab patients at my old gym, Sound Mind and Body. After watching what they were doing, I went and talked to the members of the class and said that I would take over the class, but would change things up because I did not think that they were doing enough. The class became “Silver Power” (the students picked the name, not me). That was almost 15 years ago. As I have trained more and more, I realize that there is a huge need for older people to do more for their basic health. Aging is so popular, that everybody is doing it, but not that many are doing it as well as they could. I have worked hard to stay fit as I get older and have learned a lot that I think is useful for others. I have also learned a lot from the older clients that I have trained, have seen the difference that physical training can have on people’s lives first hand.

What is your background? What drew you to training and teaching?

I have been an athlete all of my life, starting to play tennis when I was six and becoming a serious cyclist and swimmer in high school. I played tennis in college and was first exposed to judo there as well. Once I moved to Germany as a new lieutenant in the Army, I joined the local judo team and worked my way onto the highest level competitions in Germany. After some serious surgery on both of my legs, I got back into cycling and swimming to rehabilitate myself. Because I was already in the Army and had been a runner, I soon decided to try running a triathlon. I competed internationally for several years in Europe and continued to train to this day. Back in the States, I was in a military reserve unit as a major and was approached by the brigade commander to help set up a remedial Physical Training program for the unit. After being struck by a car while on a training ride, I again rehabilitated myself. Friends suggested that I knew so much about training and rehab that I should make a career of it.

I also hear that you are a do-it-yourself carpenter, a musician, and a writer. Did I miss anything?

I am getting back into my photography and scuba diving, and hoping to get my planted aquariums back up and running!

6 Survival Strategies for Fitness Success


6 Survival Strategies for Fitness Success

Brought to you by Devon Johnson-Porter

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Losing 1-2 pounds of body fat a week ensures healthy and consistent weight loss. An overwhelming task if your goal is to lose 20 pounds for a Caribbean cruise set for next year. With a long term goal set it is as important to establish several measurable, short-term benchmarks as well. An example of a healthy short term goal could be a 6 -10 pound fat loss set for six weeks and rewarded with a pedicure or massage. By setting and rewarding short term goals as well as long term goals, you encourage long term focus and inspire and motivate long term success.


Does it Measure up?

We’ve all, at one time been frustrated by the down a pound yesterday, up two pounds today, reading of a weight measured scale. With daily exercise and good nutrition, how is this possible?

Rest assured you are not going insane. It is possible to lose inches and not pounds because muscle is heavier by volume than fat. It is more important to pay attention to body composition and not body weight. Using a tape measure you can record the circumference of different areas of the body. Suggested areas to measure are the neck, chest, arms, waist, hips and thighs.

Your body mass index is also important because if too high, you’re at an increased risk of many chronic health issues such as; high blood pressure; type-two diabetes and heart disease. Your actual BMI can be found through a simple formula of your height in inches x 2.54 divided by 100 then squared (multiply # by itself). Take the weight in pounds and divide by 2.2. The weight (determined above) divided by height (determined above).

Knowing and understanding your current body’s measurements and your body mass index allows you to see at an instant when you are losing body fat, gaining lean muscle mass and maintaining our body’s health and well being.


You Are What You Think

The power of positive thinking is a concept that many of us are familiar with. By exchanging a negative thought for a positive one we manifest a life in which we attract our heart’s desire. In fact, positive affirmations and positive thinking develop powerful and positive attitudes in life which are essential in life success, and good health. What ever thoughts you hold in your mind persistently will eventually appear in your physical world.

If your thoughts are that you are fat, ugly and undeserving, those negative thoughts will inevitably attract those same situations into your life. Instead focus only on the traits that you like about yourself. This change in thought will provide an environment that will attract more of what you physically want and desire from yourself. In short; unhealthy thoughts create an unhealthy body.


Brown Bag It

Due to busy and hectic lifestyles, over twenty five percent of Americans depend on the convenience of fast food daily. Unfortunately, convenience comes with a steep price of obesity and heart disease. Often, someone can consume all the calories they need for an entire day in one sitting at a fast food restaurant. If you do not have a meal plan you are likely to grab anything when hunger strikes and that will keep you from reaching and maintaining your health and weight loss goals.

Start by planning an entire day’s worth of eating the evening before. Consider all meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a few snacks which will stave off hunger and maintain our body’s energy and metabolism. By planning your meals you will ensure that you are receiving a sensible and balanced diet; reduce the temptation and convenience of fast food; and achieve your health and weight loss goals.


The Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Choosing exercises that give you the most stimulation in the minimum amount of time is the ultimate fitness trainer secret. You can burn an additional 25% more calories by lifting weights. Weight training gives you a metabolic spike for an hour after a workout because your body is trying hard to help your muscles recover. The efficacy of a weight lifting exercise depends on the exercises ability to involve the maximum amount of muscle fibers and its ability to provide neuromuscular stimulation. Below are exercises that are guaranteed to provide the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Squat Dead lift

1.Stand with your feet hip distance apart with your toes, knees and hips are in a straight line. 2. Pull your belly button towards your spine and contract your abdominal muscles. 3. Slowly lower your body as though you are sitting in a chair. 4. If you can, go down until your butt is in line with your knees (90 degrees). 5. Make sure your knees are behind your toes. 6. Keep the weight in your heels slowly push your body back to starting position. 7. Keep legs straight and maintain a flat back. 8. Bend forward from the hips until your back is parallel to the ground. 9. As you bend forward your hips and gluteus should be centered through your heels. 10. At the bottom of the movement raise your torso back into an erect starting position. 4 sets of 12-20.


 Lateral Plank Pushup


1.Assume a prone position on the floor 2. Position hands palms down on the floor, approximately shoulder width apart, curl your toes upward so that the balls of your feet touch the ground 3. Raise yourself using your arms, making a straight line from your head to your heels 4. Lower your torso to the ground until your elbows form a 90 degree angle 5. Raise yourself by attempting to push the ground away from you 6. Shift one hand to the center and lift the other balancing all the weight on one hand. Turn the shoulders to be perpendicular to the floor. The body should now be a straight diagonal from the feet up through the head 7. Return to starting position and repeat on the other arm. 4 sets of 12-20.


Bosu Bent Low Row

1.With resistance bar in hand, standing with both feet on the bosu ball. Palms facing forward and knees slightly bent, bend at waist with your back flat 2. Bring  bent elbows up past back squeezing shoulder blades together.


Stability Ball Prone Iso Abs


1.Face down, put your forearms under your chest and clasp your hands together 2. Place your forearms on the top of a stability ball and position your feet a fist- width apart 3. Curl your toes under you and push up onto your forearms. Your back should be straight and your abdominal muscles engaged. Hold the position for 60 seconds.


Cardiovascular interval training will also add an additional boost to your fitness and weight loss goals. An example of aerobic interval training could be fast – paced running for three minutes then two minutes of fast- paced walking. Continue for the duration of 30- 40 minutes.


Exercises that increase aerobic capacity and involve the maximum amount of muscle fibers will boost the amount of calories burned; lean muscle mass built; and strength gained ultimately shortening the optimal health and fitness achievement timeline.


For more from Devon, contact her via her Perfect Balance email [email protected]

Free February 4th Health Fair

February 4th mini health fair

We are starting the month off with some of our favorite friends from Fremont
February 4th 11-1pm



Shepherd family chiropractic
Dr. Ed Shepherd from the renowned clinic Shepherd Family Chiropractic


Dr. Fred Russo




Fox Natural Medicine

Dr. Maggie Fox ND
Fox Natural Medicine
Will do a free 30 minute Qi Gong class at 11:30

Chef my request

Chef by Request
Taste fresh deliciousness from Chef By Request

Personal Fresh Meal Delivery Service

Sanachi Massage


Sanachi Massage 

Will be performing chair massage
Sanna Miller, LMP, APP

Holiday gift packages

Want to give the gift of fit this year? Want to tone up or just make a change? Give personal training gift certificates this year. Contact the individual trainer that you want to train with.

Rebecca Jackson

(571) 382-0006

The Fantastic 5

5 half-hour sessions training package for $200. Over $50.00 savings


Manny Dunham

(206) 851-7269

Couple for couples

Private training boxing series 4-1 hour sessions on Saturday for $200
or “A Couple for Couples” Two, two person semi private hour training sessions for $150

A tremendous value from one of the most energetic and creative trainers anywhere.


Adriana Medina Cagan

(206) 293-1882

“Slim in 6” for $150 

or a 5-pack series for personal training= $300

Harley Cawdrey

“Hug me and give me treats ” Free

Also, he will show you how to walk him with a leash 🙂

FHC will have short term membership or group class gift certificates available.  Any FHC member purchasing a gift certificate for a non-member by Dec. 31 will receive a 30% discount.  This is a great option to invite your out of town guests to work-out with you.  Please remember, that all guests must be registered and sign a release waiver before working out.
Stop by the front desk for more information

Spring Health and Wellness Fair

Spring Health and Fitness Fair

FHC Lobby

Saturday 3/12/16,

Join us at the Fremont Health Club to celebrate fitness and healthy lifestyles. Meet our team of instructors, trainers, and staff as well as other local health professionals dedicated to spreading wellness in our community.

This is a neighborhood event open to members and non-members, no RSVP needed.  Prizes and giveaways throughout the event and the chance to be entered into a free 3 month membership at Fremont Health Club (members and non-members are eligible).

How to Make and KEEP Your New Years Resolution




It’s that time of year. Time to reflect on the year past and set goals for the year ahead.  Although it’s easy to make a resolve to make changes in the new year, the hard part for most of us, is sticking to it. Especially in June, when your resolution that you made in January is just a distant memory.  So, how can we stay committed all year long? See below for some great ideas to get you on-track and how to stay there!

1- Pick a resolution that is in line with your core values
This is the big one. The number one reason that people don’t stick to their resolutions is that their resolution was not in align with their own values. Make sure that what you are resolving to do has a deep and powerful meaning for you. Maybe you’ve never made health a priority and want that to change. Have you made friends or family a priority? How can you make your health about them?

2 – Share your resolution
Tell friends and family what your resolution is. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. Write a blog. Sky-write it! Anyway to let your community of support know what your goals are. Even ask them to  join you! Create a pact with a few friends to help each other stay on track.

3- Be specific
Instead of “I want to exercise more this year.”
Make a specific resolution. “ I will exercise twice a week.”  Breaking your resolution down into measurable tasks also makes it much easier to achieve.

4- Try something new
If your resolution is to eat better, try taking a healthy cooking class. Try a new restaurant for inspirations.  Getting in shape? Try a new group exercise class or hire a personal trainer to mix up your workouts. Try ballroom dancing, rock climbing, anything that is new and different.

5- Write it down
Write your resolution down and put it somewhere that you will see it everyday. Work, home, the car,  anywhere.  If your a person who is more drawn to images, find a few that will support your goal  and add it to your text. Again, make them strong, or it won’t stick.

6- Don’t give up
Let’s say your resolution is to exercise twice a week. And you miss a week. Don’t beat yourself up. Get right back to it! Every week, day, hour and minute is a chance to renew your commitment.  You don’t have to give up on the whole year for a slip up. And remember, be kind to yourself. Your the only one who can get you to your desired end result.

What’s your resolution? We want to hear!

5 Benefits of Personal Training



It may be the 4th time you’ve joined a gym. It may be the 1st. Why hire a trainer?
Here are 5 reasons that hiring a personal trainer is beneficial.

1) See results. Safely!
You’ve joined a gym. Hooray! Now what? What kind of results are you after? Working with a personal trainer can help tailor a program that will safely and more effectively deliver the results you want. With a personalized program you will see faster results. Work out smarter, not harder.

2) Accountability
How many times have you committed to yourself that you will go to the gym this week only to talk yourself out of it because it’s raining or you’re tired or you forgot you call your mom or *insert other last minutes excuse here*?  Having an appointment with a trainer may just be the motivation you need to get there!

3) Achieve Long Term Results
Short term goals are great. Many of you are familiar with the SMART goal method.  While it’s important to really hone in short term goals, it is also important to reevaluate and asses new goals as they become necessary. Meeting with a trainer to reestablish goals can be key in long term results.

4) Maximize Your Time
We are all so busy today. Who has time for hours upon hours at the gym? More effective workouts also mean more efficient and shorter workouts. That means less time working out, more time on that long overdue house project. (Although, maybe you’d prefer the gym!)

5) Combat Boredom
A boring workout is a soon neglected workout. A personal trainer will keep things interesting and challenging!


For more information about our trainers, visit our bio page here. For more information on our training program and our owners personal success story, see our website here.

Contact us at [email protected] for any questions at all. See you at the club!