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Springy-Clean Detox

Hey FHC fans,

To keep you informed about things that can benefit you, we are sharing our instructor Janell Hartman’s Temple wise class. Details below.


Temple Wise

Springy-Clean Detox: Tune in, Turn on, Clear out!

Taught by Janell Hartman

Date:  Thursday April 6, 2017

Times:  Choose from these one hour class options:  12pm and 7:30pm

Discounts:  10% off all products purchased and your next session booked during the event

RSVP: Call 206-729-6211


We’ve built the foundations, opened the exit doors…ready for deep cleaning!
Whether you’ve been following along with this year’s progressive course, or just joining us on the journey, this class can help you dive into your body’s systems and clear out the gunk in safe, effective, time-tested ways. Ever wanted to be better friends with your liver? We’ll get in-depth and intimate by exploring the form, function and care of the hardest working organ on your team. Discussion around emotional/psychological layers will be woven in, as detox goes so much deeper than just the physical.
We’re looking forward to gathering for this fun and informative class!



Topics include:

–Detox theory and strategy
–Learn all about your amazing liver!
–Tummy Temple Supportive services and products
–Wisdom, tips and tricks from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine
–3rd Chakra (Manipura or “solar plexus”) balance
–Featured restorative yoga posture + easy pranayama (breath work) for cleansing


Join us every first Thursday for Wellness Classes held in the beautiful and comfy Serenity Lounge


Classes offered by Tummy Temple’s Education and Outreach Director: Janell Hartman


The amazing and compelling Janell Hartman is a brilliant wellness advocate that will take your wellness knowledge and motivation to a whole new level of embodiment.  Janell provides Colon Hydrotherapy, Electro-lymphatic Therapy and Restorative Yoga Therapy to the Temple community.  She also leads the Yin Yoga community with weekly “retreats” on Friday nights at Twist in Edmonds and teacher trainings throughout the region.  The inside scoopie on Janell is that she regularly brings the most creative culinary treats to the Temple that you could ever imagine.  She keeps us all tuned into art and the joy of clothes swapping.  Recently appointed to the position of Education and Outreach Director she is busy creating something special for you every month to keep you inspired to be your best self throughout the year!

Free February 18th Health fair

Feb. 18th

Join ‘Talon the Falcon’ the high-flying mascot for Seattle Pacific University

Join us at FHC February as we enjoy a fun-filled health fair with ‘Talon the Falcon.’ Refreshments, drinks and the company of other health enthusiasts and professionals will be in plentiful supply.

In addition to Talon the Falcon, we will have a wide array of informational and fun guests.

Receive a 10 minute chair massage and posture assessment simply for showing up.

Dr. Maggie Fox


Meet with Dr. Maggie Fox of Fox Natural Medicine and talk natural medicine. Try juice samples and other demos.






Chef by Request

chef by request

Taste fresh and healthy food

Personal Fresh Meal Delivery Service




Kinetic Sports Rehab With Teagan Callaway

Kinetic sports rehab

Free 15 minute consultations 


We will also have some of the creative and accomplished trainers that train here at Fremont Health Club



Kim Brownlee

Offering core strength Demo

Rebecca Jackson
Offering TRX demo



Devon Johnson-Porter
Perfect Balance
Offering kettle-bell demo




Adriana Medina
Fuerte Fitness

Fuerte Fitness



There’s more?

In addition to all of the above, you can also attend one of the following classes for free:

9-10 Hatha Yoga

11-11:30 AB Lab

11:30-12pm HIIT

12-1pm The SweatBox


For the kids

The little ones can play fitness games with Coach Davis in the kid’s conditioning class.

Childcare available for ages 1-4

Ten tips for better choices during the holidays

In our effort to bring our readers and club members value, we are offering guest blogs from outside, knowledgeable sources. This month, we feature an article by Dr. Sharonrose Samelak.

*The views and ideas expressed are not necessarily those of Fremont health Club and shouldn’t be interpreted as medical advice.*

The food at the holidays is nothing less than decadent, which makes it entirely too easy to over-indulge. There are work parties, neighbors give cookies, family parties, friends have ugly sweater parties, and the list goes on. With all of this, our good habits from the rest of the year are often thrown out the window and we eat more cookies than we planned, drink in excess, and have just one more helping at dinner.

Ten Tips to make better choices this holiday season.

  • Pre-eat. Eat a small salad or some veggies before leaving the house.
  • Offer to bring a healthy dish to pass that is low in sugar and high on taste (See the recipe below!)
  • If the meal is buffet style or appetizers only, plate food instead of grazing and always choose the smallest plate. This will help you to choose how much you want to eat.
  • If seated, put your fork down between bites!
  • When hosting, choose smaller plates for your table setting.
  • Cookies/Desserts are best when shared! Try splitting your dessert with a friend and everyone wins!
  • Aim for a glass of dry wine that is easier to sip than drink.
  • Fill a glass with ice before adding any cocktail.
  • Place a glass of water at your seat in addition to your drink.
  • Your body handles carbs best for a few hours after a workout, so hit the gym or go for a brisk walk before parties.

Always remember… moderation in all things is the goal- with food and drink, you get to have some of the decadence but can keep a modicum of control over consumption.

Healthy and Delicious Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Prep your Brussels Sprouts by removing outer leaves and trimming the bottoms

  • Slice the sprouts in half and place, cut side up, on a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  • Drizzle lightly with Olive Oil
  • Sprinkle with Garlic Powder, Salt, and Pepper
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until browned
  • Immediately after removing from the oven, drizzle with Balsamic Vinegar

Cook time:20 minutes


Brussels Sprouts (about 3-5 per person)

Garlic Powder

Himalayan Sea Salt

Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Olive Oil for Drizzling

Balsamic Vinegar



Dr. Sharonrose Samelak is the owner/Chiropractor at Seed of Life Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC. She is passionate about helping people live healthier lives and maximize their potential. For more information, check out Seed of Life’s website.

Spring Health and Wellness Fair

Spring Health and Fitness Fair

FHC Lobby

Saturday 3/12/16,

Join us at the Fremont Health Club to celebrate fitness and healthy lifestyles. Meet our team of instructors, trainers, and staff as well as other local health professionals dedicated to spreading wellness in our community.

This is a neighborhood event open to members and non-members, no RSVP needed.  Prizes and giveaways throughout the event and the chance to be entered into a free 3 month membership at Fremont Health Club (members and non-members are eligible).

Saturday, local businesses promoting wellness

Join us this Saturday
January 30th from 10am-1pm

We will host the following visiting partner groups:
Come and ask questions, enjoy chair massage and samples, and learn more about how these local businesses might benefit you.  Feel free to bring family and friends, and we will have drop in childcare during the event.Equipment Orientation every Saturday 10am-2pm FREE, and on a drop in basis.

Before a Workout, DON’T DO THIS!


Avoid these pre-workout no-no’s to ensure you get the biggest bang for your workout buck


There have been hundreds of articles written about how to best prepare for a killer workout, discussing everything from what to eat, which supplements to take, and how to get your mind “right.” However, with this piece I decided to take a different approach and talk about some of the things you should AVOID doing before pushing and pulling the heavy iron. Ready? Here we go.

1. While there is nothing wrong with taking a short nap in order to recharge your “batteries” before heading to the gym, you should avoid sleeping for any more than about 30 minutes. While research shows that a short 20-30 minute “power-nap” can markedly increase energy and focus, sleeping for longer than this will produce the opposite effect, leaving you even more lethargic than before your head hit the pillow.

2. For a very long time it was thought to be proper “protocol” to statically stretch the muscles before working out with weights, but in recent years scientists have discovered that this is actually counterproductive.  Not only can stretching a “cold” muscle lead to injuries such as pulls and strains, but also in addition can actually decrease your strength in exercises involving muscles that have been stretched.

3. There is nothing wrong with performing medium intensity “steady state” cardio before lifting weights, as this is an effective method of burning body fat while protecting your ability to gain strength and muscle mass. However, the high intensity nature of HIIT cardio will decrease your power and interfere with the anabolic process if done immediately prior to lifting weights.

4. Stress is truly a “muscle-killer.” When one is in a state of stress the body will release higher levels of cortisol, which breaks down muscle tissue and encourages body fat storage. Additionally, stress and worry will severely inhibit your ability to concentrate, limiting muscle fiber activation and quite possibly causing injury due to lack of focus on proper form. So, try to avoid stressful situations if at all possible before heading to the gym.

5. Certainly there is nothing wrong with consuming some caffeine or a high-quality pre-workout product to give you a boost before training, but I warn you about overdoing it. While moderate levels of stimulants can help enhance energy and focus, too much can lead to rapid heart beat, nausea, anxiety and a feeling of illness, none of which will help you to get a better, more productive workout!

6. Pre-workout nutrition is essential to getting in an awesome workout and supplying the necessary nutrients for supporting muscle recovery/growth, but too much of a good thing can be hazardous! Eating too much food too close to a workout can cause stomach cramps/pain and nausea, neither of which are very conducive to a killer training session. In addition, if your stomach is over burdened with digesting a large quantity of food, then more blood will be directed there than into the muscles, which will decrease the pump and the effectiveness of every exercise.

Found at Muscle and Fitness.

How to Fuel a Workout

Previously written by Teresa S. , Personal Trainer

What to Eat Before a Workout (and After!)
What are the best items to snack on to fuel a workout? Depends on when you work out and when you eat. The closer you are to working out, the less you eat and the easier to digest carbohydrate you take in. So, three to four hours before, a typical mixed meal of your choice be it a stir-fry, sandwich, pasta dis h… works as you have time to digest. f you miss that window, then two to three hours before choose a lighter snack like a yogurt, fruit and handful of nuts. Or a banana and some peanut butter and a glass of milk. Miss THAT window of time? One to two hours before try up to 50 grams of carbohydrate, like an 8-ounce homemade smoothie, low-fiber cereal and milk or yogurt. Fifteen to 30 minutes before you start, if you have not eaten or need to “top off the tank,” try 15 to 25 grams of an easily digestible carbohydrate, like 4 to 8 ounces of 100 percent orange juice, a granola bar, a small handful of raisins or a sports drink or gel.

Don’t overdo it. Unless you’re exercising intensely for more than an hour you don’t need a snack while working out. If you’re out all day skiing, stash some trail mix in your pocket, or bring along chicken broth in a thermos to provide a little warmth and replenish fluids and sodium lost on the slopes.

What if you’re not hungry before a morning workout — force yourself to eat something, or just wait until post-workout? This depends on the length and intensity of your workout as well as your exercise goal.

Doing an easy workout to get blood moving? Food is not essential.

  • If you’re not hungry in the morning but working out intensely, choose just enough carbohydrate to “top off” your tank. Fifteen to 25 grams of carbohydrate is all you need to boost your blood sugar, keeping you coordinated and focused as you move. Something as simple as a orange juice or a handful of pretzels, or a small bowl of cereal and milk each work.
  • Then be sure to consume a great recovery breakfast rich in protein and carbohydrates.

What are a few of the ideal post-workout recovery snacks? After a workout, look to replenish and rebuild with protein and carbohydrates. Depending on your size and the intensity of your workout, aim for a snack that contains 10 to 20 grams of protein and 20 to 80 grams of carbohydrates. One of my favorite post-workout recovery snacks is this Orange Vanilla Crème Smoothie.

When should you have something to eat while you’re actually working out? And what would you recommend? This really depends on the situation. If you’re breaking a sweat on a 2-mile walk or run, hitting the shower, grabbing some breakfast and getting to work, you don’t need to eat anything. If you’re taking a really intense Spin class and then gearing up for a session of heavy lifting, a mid-workout snack can help your energy stores for round two of exercise. If performance is your goal, the general guideline is to consume 15 to 20 grams of carbohydrates every 20 minutes of rigorous exercise for a total of 60 to 80 grams per hour when you’re working hard and going long. You can start taking in carbohydrates 45 minutes to 75 minutes into your workout. And remember hydration is always important.

What’s the biggest food mistakes you think people make when it comes to pre- and post-workout snacks/meals?

The biggest food mistakes I think people make when it comes to pre- and post-workout snacks/meals are either eating too little or too much. Fueling before, during and after exercise can be helpful to sustain and replenish energy stores, but only if they’re running low. There is no need to overcompensate with calories if you are not working out hard or for a long period of time. Stocking up on fuel before or during exercise can actually backfire and ruin your workout. Stomach cramping or the feeling of sloshing in the stomach after taking in too much food (in the form of gels, Gus, bars and/or drinks) is a sign that you have had too much.

If your exercise goal is weight-loss, appropriate pre- and post-workout snacks can be helpful in helping to manage your appetite and sugar cravings.

How to Make and KEEP Your New Years Resolution




It’s that time of year. Time to reflect on the year past and set goals for the year ahead.  Although it’s easy to make a resolve to make changes in the new year, the hard part for most of us, is sticking to it. Especially in June, when your resolution that you made in January is just a distant memory.  So, how can we stay committed all year long? See below for some great ideas to get you on-track and how to stay there!

1- Pick a resolution that is in line with your core values
This is the big one. The number one reason that people don’t stick to their resolutions is that their resolution was not in align with their own values. Make sure that what you are resolving to do has a deep and powerful meaning for you. Maybe you’ve never made health a priority and want that to change. Have you made friends or family a priority? How can you make your health about them?

2 – Share your resolution
Tell friends and family what your resolution is. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. Write a blog. Sky-write it! Anyway to let your community of support know what your goals are. Even ask them to  join you! Create a pact with a few friends to help each other stay on track.

3- Be specific
Instead of “I want to exercise more this year.”
Make a specific resolution. “ I will exercise twice a week.”  Breaking your resolution down into measurable tasks also makes it much easier to achieve.

4- Try something new
If your resolution is to eat better, try taking a healthy cooking class. Try a new restaurant for inspirations.  Getting in shape? Try a new group exercise class or hire a personal trainer to mix up your workouts. Try ballroom dancing, rock climbing, anything that is new and different.

5- Write it down
Write your resolution down and put it somewhere that you will see it everyday. Work, home, the car,  anywhere.  If your a person who is more drawn to images, find a few that will support your goal  and add it to your text. Again, make them strong, or it won’t stick.

6- Don’t give up
Let’s say your resolution is to exercise twice a week. And you miss a week. Don’t beat yourself up. Get right back to it! Every week, day, hour and minute is a chance to renew your commitment.  You don’t have to give up on the whole year for a slip up. And remember, be kind to yourself. Your the only one who can get you to your desired end result.

What’s your resolution? We want to hear!