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Member Spotlight: Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a regular face at the gym.  He always comes in with a big smile and friendly greeting. We got to talking to him the other day to reveal where this inner contentment comes from. -He enjoys what he does. Read on to hear his story. Outside of the gym, Matt is
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Member Spotlight: Rita

I see you regularly working hard in the gym and training with Manny, one of our trainers.  What are your fitness goals and what motivates you to work so hard? I play flat track roller derby, a full-contact sport which requires both explosive strength and endurance, so my primary goals are:
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Interview with Helen Lafferty

We all come from somewhere and our different stories make up this community that we have created at FHC. Here is an interview with one of our members, Helen Lafferty. 1. You are originally from Ireland. What brought you to the US and how long have you been a resident here? I
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Tips for Aging in Place

What Every Senior Should Know About Safely Aging In Place Kent Elliott Nearly 90 percent of seniors in the U.S. want to age in place (stay in their homes), even if they may eventually need daily assistance or in-home health care. While it's understandable why one would want to maintain their independence
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Trainer Spotlight: Tim Beauchamp

Trainer Spotlight: Tim Beauchamp You teach a regular morning class, "Strength Training 101", at FHC. It is geared for members that are 50+ years of age. Why is this target group such a passion for you? It’s funny, it did not start out being a primary interest, but I was offered the
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Member Spotlight: Peter Brickman If you haven’t met Peter Brickman during your workout, he is one of our long-time members and comes in almost daily for his workout. He’s newly retired but is as active as ever. One of the friendliest guys you will meet, Peter loves bicycling, dogs and tennis,
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Instructor Spotlight: Katelyn Page

We are thrilled to have Katelyn Page back with us,  teaching Barre and Yoga. We asked her a few questions about her motivations as a teacher, her teaching style, and the importance of community. FHC: You teach different types of classes, such as Barre and Yoga. What are the benefits of practicing
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Instructor Spotlight: Meet Janell Hartman

Janell Hartman, true to her name, has a big heart. She has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga at FHC since we first started six years ago.  In the early years, she volunteered with us, while we got established.  Her knowledge, experience, and love for the art of yoga have been a life-changing
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How to get the most out of classes at FHC In this post, one of our wonderful trainers, Allison Axdorff, shares a few thoughts on the value of group fitness: Did you know FHC offers over 45 classes each week? If you haven’t tried them yet, you may not be getting the most
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Interview with Larry Berger!

A page in the Story of Fremont:  Larry Berger The other day I went to visit, Larry Berger, at his residence in the heart of Fremont where he has his hair salon.  After my hair cut, he agreed to do an interview with me.  He has done my hair off and
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An interview with Dace!

An interview with one of our members, Dace. This is a good read and inspiring. You seem to have encompassed your workout into a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  What motivated you to start and how do you keep a good routine going?  In terms of health and weight issues, sometimes, it seems, the
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