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4 Ways to Keep Cats Stimulated During Winter

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Kitty Konundrums: 4 Ways to Keep Cats Stimulated During Winter

It’s winter! And while some of us are SO excited to snuggle up next to the fireplace with a hot cup, our kitties are probably grumpily slouched giving us death stares. If your cat is anything like mine, he’s probably yowling at you too!

During the colder months, the indoor/outdoor kitty is starting to stay home more often. But the longer naps and stays at home can also induce some destructive feline cabin fever! From night-wakings, restlessness, and yowling – it can all cause some added stress to the home. To keep your feline friends happy, content, and stimulated. Check out our tips below:


1. Exhaust Them with Play Time

According to Cat Fancy contributor, Dr. Letrisa Miller, the average house-cat needs 30 mins of exercise daily. You can increase this and even double it for indoor/outdoor cats, and the more active exotic breed like Bengals, Maine Coons, and Savannah cats.

For indoor/outdoor cats, it may be hard to rouse their interest in your average cat wand. These cats are attracted to wildlife – birds, bugs, and small animals. This means you’ll have to find a toy that stimulates nature in its movements and sound. I highly recommend the Go Cat Da Purr-Peller!

Go Cat Da Purr-Peller

This toy simulates bird flight with propelling feathers make a fluttering sound when you move it – guaranteed to drive even the pickiest of cats insane. Check out the video of my apathetic cat exhausted by 30 mins of straight back flips – he hasn’t been this excited about a toy since his kitten days! So far, it’s lasted us over 1 week of daily play!

Video Player


Best of all, it’s cheap! Head on over to your local MudBay to see more GoCat products, or purchase it here.


2. Don’t Reward Bad Behavior with Play!

Does your cat sit directly in front of you and yowl while making eye contact? Or does he/she deliberately act out when bored? Resist the urge to stop whatever you’re doing and give them attention. This only teaches them that their bad behavior will lead to playtime or rewards.


Instead, wait until your cat is quiet and calm before initiating play! Waiting for good behavior before play will enforce good feline house manners.


3. Establish a Play Routine

Establishing a play routine will instill a sense of predictability for your kitty. It may also combat undesirable behavior since the cat is guaranteed stimulation daily. Remember that a typical housecat needs at least 30 minutess of play daily. Indoor/outdoor and active breeds will need close 45-60 minutes of play daily.


To keep your cat exercised, tired, and content during your absence or bedtime, play with your feline friend for 15-30 minutes in the morning before you leave for work, and again before you go to bed. If your cat is particularly active, you may also consider leaving an automatic toy while you’re away or asleep.


4. Keep Food Motivated, Sedentary, and Senior Cats Stimulated Too!

For the lazy, old, and/or food-focused feline, leave food puzzles like the Cat Amazing Treat Maze.


Toys like these offer fun low-energy mental stimulation that will alleviate any frustration or boredom in the more sedentary cat.

From the subtle to the spectacular

At FHC, we have some really talented friends and members. This month, we look at the unique and creative talents of Clayton and Clea Hibbert. In addition to being regulars at FHC, they also run a lighting company in Seattle. I borrowed their motto from them for this article because it suits them so well- “From the subtle to the spectacular.”

Please take a moment to get to know them.


FHC-Crimson Haze-great name and great website. For those unfamiliar with your business, can you give me your ‘elevator pitch’ or quick outlines for what you do?

Clayton-Crimson Haze provides lighting for all kinds of events, big and small, everything from weddings to corporate holiday parties. If it lights up, we love it. 🙂


FHC-Can you tell me about some of the missteps or early errors/challenges you encountered as a small company in a super competitive environment like Seattle?

Clayton-In terms of early errors, we were a pretty wary of weddings and steered away from that part of the event industry. We had the misconception that weddings were too stressful, something to avoid. We focused on corporate and music events. It was only when friends started asking us to light their weddings that we examined those assumptions more closely. To our delight, we soon discovered that the wedding industry is actually a tremendous amount of fun, and now we sincerely enjoy contributing and participating in a couple’s marriage celebration.


FHC-Does the Seattle climate or weather/environment provide any unique obstacles? Indoor and outdoor.

Clayton-The Seattle climate does present interesting challenges. Toward solving that, we’ve invested quite a bit in lighting equipment that is safe to use outdoors and has no problem with the inevitable northwest rain. Even so, we always encourage outdoor events to have an indoor “plan B” whenever possible. Even if the lights are ok, your guests might not want to be out there. 🙂

FHC-We notice you both in a good amount. Do you find that staying in shape helps with your work? Stress relief?

Clayton-We love FHC, and definitely find that exercise helps us stay on track. Our work is surprisingly physical. Lighting equipment can be heavy and bulky, and we expend a fair amount of energy carting gear from place to place. The tight windows of time available for set-up and tear-down means we’re usually hustling, lifting, climbing ladders, and otherwise in constant motion. Staying in shape is critical for us to do our jobs!


FHC-Do either of your backgrounds help with your business, or was it a creative endeavor ala music, art, or was it an opportunity or happenstance that led you into this field?

Clayton-Clea has a degree in marketing and communications. My career background is in design and theater. We first met working together as volunteers on various events. Lighting is one aspect of event production that fascinated us both. Little by little, we acquired enough equipment first to light our own home for private parties. When a friend asked if he could pay us to light his concert at a small warehouse, that was when we wondered if our hobby might become our livelihood.


For more about Crimson Haze, please feel free to visit their website at

For more about FHC, stop by when you get a chance 😉

Ten tips for better choices during the holidays

In our effort to bring our readers and club members value, we are offering guest blogs from outside, knowledgeable sources. This month, we feature an article by Dr. Sharonrose Samelak.

*The views and ideas expressed are not necessarily those of Fremont health Club and shouldn’t be interpreted as medical advice.*

The food at the holidays is nothing less than decadent, which makes it entirely too easy to over-indulge. There are work parties, neighbors give cookies, family parties, friends have ugly sweater parties, and the list goes on. With all of this, our good habits from the rest of the year are often thrown out the window and we eat more cookies than we planned, drink in excess, and have just one more helping at dinner.

Ten Tips to make better choices this holiday season.

  • Pre-eat. Eat a small salad or some veggies before leaving the house.
  • Offer to bring a healthy dish to pass that is low in sugar and high on taste (See the recipe below!)
  • If the meal is buffet style or appetizers only, plate food instead of grazing and always choose the smallest plate. This will help you to choose how much you want to eat.
  • If seated, put your fork down between bites!
  • When hosting, choose smaller plates for your table setting.
  • Cookies/Desserts are best when shared! Try splitting your dessert with a friend and everyone wins!
  • Aim for a glass of dry wine that is easier to sip than drink.
  • Fill a glass with ice before adding any cocktail.
  • Place a glass of water at your seat in addition to your drink.
  • Your body handles carbs best for a few hours after a workout, so hit the gym or go for a brisk walk before parties.

Always remember… moderation in all things is the goal- with food and drink, you get to have some of the decadence but can keep a modicum of control over consumption.

Healthy and Delicious Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Prep your Brussels Sprouts by removing outer leaves and trimming the bottoms

  • Slice the sprouts in half and place, cut side up, on a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  • Drizzle lightly with Olive Oil
  • Sprinkle with Garlic Powder, Salt, and Pepper
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until browned
  • Immediately after removing from the oven, drizzle with Balsamic Vinegar

Cook time:20 minutes


Brussels Sprouts (about 3-5 per person)

Garlic Powder

Himalayan Sea Salt

Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Olive Oil for Drizzling

Balsamic Vinegar



Dr. Sharonrose Samelak is the owner/Chiropractor at Seed of Life Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC. She is passionate about helping people live healthier lives and maximize their potential. For more information, check out Seed of Life’s website.

Cookies, foam, yoga and self-defense

So, not only does FHC care about you when you’re here, but we care about you when you’re not here. That’s why we’re offering free self-defense classes with our amazing and world-class instructor, boxing phenom and creatively hilarious Manny Dunham this month. Learning self-defense and knowing how to protect yourself and others is an essential skill. As Manny would say- “touche touche”.

Self-Defense Workshops w/ Manny

SATURDAY December 17th, 2016 FREE to members & public
Pick your time:  1:15-2:00pm OR 2:15-3:00pm
We don’t do things “by the book” here at FHC. That’s why we’re totally loving Katelyn’s fun and charming “Cookies class” class. It’s the best part of getting your Zen focus on, combined with your favorite part of a bake sale-the cookies. Remember, no nuts. Milk mustache optional.

MONDAY December 12th, 2016 — FREE to members

Cookies & Yoga! w/ Katelyn

Bring a dozen “no-nuts” cookies & get some in exchange!

6-7:00pm POWER VINYASA YOGA (& cookies!)

7:30-8:30pm Level 2 POWER VINYASA YOGA (& cookies!)


Life isn’t all about cookies yoga and self-defense, you know! We strive to give everyone balance and power too. Teagan Callaway, our resident science guy/strong man is preaching the benefits of foam rolling. I know that since he has shown several of us around the gym the proper techniques, it has changed the way we work and recover.
I can also personally attest to the strength gained from his power-lifting workshops also. Neither are required, but both are absolutely worth the time and effort.
SATURDAY (12/10)
Teagan will be doing FREE workshops:
1:30-2:30 – Foam Rolling & Mobility
2:45-3:45 – Power Lifting

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November 12 through December 31, 2016

Tyler Gateman interview

At Fremont health club, we have a diverse and talented group of friends and members. Our focus this month is on one of those members, Tyler Gateman. Tyler is a regular at the gym and keeps himself in shape with Fremont Health Club. Tyler also works as a crab fisherman. His career is one of the most stressful and physically demanding on the planet. We wanted to not only showcase Tyler, but get an understanding about what it takes mentally and physically to deal with shifts that are 18+ hours. Let’s get to know Tyler now.

How does keeping in shape help with the rigors of working on a Crab/fishing boat?

Keeping in shape is a major help when working on a crab boat. The job requires every part of the body, from pushing 800-1000 lb. pots down the deck, to hand coiling 400 ft. of line, to running our 50lb. bait setups back and forth. Our schedule is 18 hours on and 6 off, so fatigue is inevitable but reduced tremendously when you’re physically fit.


How do you find enough calories to stay strong and keep going on your long shifts?

Finding enough calories is always a struggle on the boat. In our 18 hour shift we may get one cooked meal, which is prepared by me. Otherwise, it’s a power bar or hand full of nuts while you change out of your wet rain-gear.


Can you give readers some insight into the mental part of an 18-hour shift? I assume you can’t just put in earbuds because of the dangers and needing to hear crew members. You have to deal with staying up that long, sometimes demanding crew members and horrible weather and hunger-tell us what you do to block all of that out or deal with it.

The job itself is mostly mental, which is the reason why we’ve been through so many deck hands. I can count 10 in my 4-year span with the Wizard. The way I deal with the mental aspect of an 18- hour shift, hungry, cold and rough weather is I use my experience of training for nationals wrestling. The months of training, the long nights spent not eating and cutting weight, the rigorous three a day practices, the time spent away from home. The other thing that helps is you’re not alone. You have your crew right there with you who is just as tired, hungry and cold as you are.

While on deck we don’t wear headphones because of the dangers of not hearing what’s going on around you. For example- a pot in the crane over head or the captain on the loud hailer warning you of a giant wave about to crash over the rail.


Does the day to day work keep you in good enough shape?

The day to day grind on the boat keeps me in shape, but a lot more lean. I think that comes mostly from lack of caloric intake. When I’m home my weight is about 185. While I’m fishing I’m about 170-75.


Give us your favorite cheat meal when you’re training.

My favorite cheat meal is probably nachos. They are quick, easy and can be made somewhat healthy.


What do you do with your free-time?

With my free-time I enjoy riding my mountain bike, throwing the Frisbee and watching football.


It’s safe to assume you’re a Seahawks fan?

Yes you assumed right I’m an huge Seahawks fan! Great win Monday night!!


Thanks so much for speaking with us Tyler.

Thanks again Richard for this opportunity

November events @FHC

November 12th @ 9-10 & 10-11:00 Fundraiser to feed the homeless. Choose either 9am or 10am for a ‘give what you can‘ fusion circuit class. All proceeds go to Manny’s church Thanksgiving program to help feed those in need. Complete 3 ‘stations’; sweatshop, Barre and strength-training. All regular classes will be cancelled so others can participate.

Nov. 12th @ 1:30-2:30pm FREE Foam rolling/mobility workshop with Teagan. See front desk for sign-up.

Nov. 24th @ 8:30-9:30am -$10 for FHC members

Don’t be a Turkey’ Tabata bootcamp With Rebecca.

Anchor Bag community outreach donation drive @ FHC

Anchor Bag community outreach donation drive @ FHC

To all of the wonderful friends and clients of FHC, we are asking that you help someone less fortunate. This time of year when the wind whips and the cold creeps in there are many among us in this city of Emerald and opportunity that don’t have the basics to get by. The ‘My Anchor Bag’ project is hoping to help. Bring your unopened items here and place in our big blue dropbox. Thank you so much and read on for more about what they need.

My Anchor Bag Project Collection Needs:
Kiki Hendren and her friends gather these basic essentials, put them in the back packs, then take them to the Fremont and Ballard areas where homeless people are found. The purpose is to help the homeless in our area with a few of their physical needs. The back pack serves as a carrier for the items and something they can keep and use.

We hope to fill each bag with the following:
Juice boxes                                         Bags of peanuts, pretzels, cookies
Vienna sausage   small cans             Fruit cups/applesauce
Beef jerky                                            Slim Jims
Protein bars                                     Cracker and cheese/crackers and peanut butter packs
Other protein sources                         Hard Candy/Gum

Toothbrushes                                      Toothpaste
Combs                                                Emory boards
Bandages                                            Chap Stick
Hand lotion                                          Kleenex

Socks                                                 Hats
Scarves                                               Gloves

October Classes

These series are designed as all-level options to challenge our members with new formats and customizable training on a more personal level.  Check one out this month!
BOOTCAMP 5 week challenge: Begins 10/17/16 with Manny & Kris
Meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at either:
5:45-6:45am OR 7:15-8:15am
$199 FHC Members
Includes: goal setting, body assessments, nutritional support and accountability check-ins.
BURLESQUE DANCE FITNESS 4 week series: Begins 10/17/16 w/ Kris
Meets Mondays at 7:30-8:30pm
$40 FHC Members
No dance experience required, expect laughter and sweat.
HIIT the BARRE 4 week series: Begins 10/20/16 w/ Kris
Meets Thursdays at 7:30-8:30pm
$40 FHC Members
Best of both worlds: High intensity interval training combined with the conditioning of your favorite Barre class.
POWER-LIFTING 5 week series: Begins 10/21/16 w/ Teagan
Meets Fridays at 5:30-6:30pm
$100 FHC Members
Includes: focus on proper lifting form and mobility, nutritional tips and email check-ins.
TRX CORE Suspension Training 4 week series: Begins 10/24/16 w/ Rebecca
Meets Mondays at 7:30-8:30pm
$100 FHC Members (space is very limited — this is a great way to get a customized workout at a fraction of cost of personal training)
SMALL GROUP Training 4 week series: Begins 10/29/18 w/ Devon
Meets Saturdays at 11:00am-12:00pm
$120 FHC Members (space is very limited — this is a great way to get a customized workout at a fraction of cost of personal training)
To sign up for a series, go to the series start date on MindBody or email