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So, it’s March and that means it’s the time when our hopes & goals from the new year start to maybe wane a bit and the day-to-day world kicks in. The endless rainy days, the not quite warm enough temps… Before we know it, the daily grind of getting through the last of Winter and into Spring leaves all those wakeup.kickass.repeat goals in the dust. But here is why this year is going to be different:

-Because you aren’t working out because you hate something about yourself.

-Because it’s not about the jiggle or the “extra” that you’ve convinced yourself you need to get rid of in order to be “happy”.

-Because this year, you are going to “Wakeup. Sweat. Run. Bike. Lift. Flex. Stretch. Dance. Move. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.” because, wait for it… … …




We will do all of those things for our healthy, strong selves that can take-on anything.

We will do them in order to wake up the next morning ready to tackle yet another day of life hitting at us.

The stronger our bodies, the stronger ourselves!

If you have taken a class with me, you probably can repeat my mind-body blah blah blah by heart as I talk a lot about connecting breath to movement, creating resistance in your body using your brain, using visuals to connect posture and form to an exercise, etc. But there is a reason I say it over & over!

This year, I’m challenging myself to use this same technique outside of the gym/studio. To connect breath to movement when my brain starts to slam my body. And resist the habit to use words of weakness and failure when talking about myself – refusing to let my mind bully my body. I will stand tall and graceful when I get stuck on a “flaw” in the mirror and instead I will recognize the power my body provides me.

So many of my students are working out with specific goals in mind: weddings, bikinis, lift goals, summer activities, etc. — just remember to respect and revere the body that allows you to work so hard. Do not slam it or talk down to it. Love it! Love it so much that you feel weak in the knees just thinking about it.

Then maybe, just maybe, those goals won’t be quite so difficult. Eating smart energy-fueled foods will be easier because you are loving & respecting your body by providing it nutrients. Stretching and foam rolling won’t be a chore you forget to add to your workout because you revere your body and support its need to recover. And the dreaded bursts of cardio in Tabata or HIIT will become your way of giving oxygen and power to your body, to tests it limits and challenge your body in a way that it deserves and desires. I (and YOU!) will embody our goals as a show of respect and not because of insecurity or hate.

In class, when I repeat cues and modifications, it is often because I need to hear them as a reminder as much as some students do. This lesson is no different. Repeat after me: “I am here sweating and working hard because I freaking love myself.”

As a burlesque performer, I am ridiculously proud of the community of different bodies that create art on a stage where you get to embrace every “flaw” as a perfection and treat the audience to that all-too-rare display of body/self-love. But as a fitness instructor, am I discouraging acceptance and instead helping my students to “change” or “correct” something about themselves they see as a weakness? And is this wrong?

For a long time these two worlds have always felt disconnected. But lately I have realized I am not helping you correct anything. I am helping you love and respect your body through safe and strengthening movement. Exactly the same thing I do as a performer and choreographer.

My work is to help myself and my students connect their brain and their bodies. To understand that accepting and loving your body doesn’t mean not wanting to challenge and change it in a healthy way that makes you happy. To discern that your definition of radiance isn’t necessarily mine nor the person next to you and that is awesome because then we all get to be unique and amazingly different. And my work is to support your decisions and determinations while driving you to see graceful strength in the mirror instead of the warped image society has dictated you to see.

I’ve been teaching for over five years now and in the past, I worked at several studios under the name “The Gracious Body”. It is time to reconnect to that brand by showing kindness to my body and being grateful for my strength. (And maybe even remembering to use this blog as a tool of connectivity.)

So there it is. Our goal together. This day and everyday after…

Get to the gym because our bodies deserve a reward for all the good they do.

Work hard when it feels right. Be kind when you need it most.

Say thank you with sweat.

I promise, it will thank you back.



Why we fall short

I have spent the last fourteen years working professionally in the health and fitness industry. As a trainer and strength coach, a health and wellness coach, a hypnotherapist/life coach, and a corporate wellness program director, I can say that I have come in to contact with many different people with many different goals, and there is one question that almost every one of those people have in common:

Why do I not always act in ways consistent with my goals?

Of course, I experience this first hand as well. Even though I am a long time athlete and work in the health and fitness industry, it doesn’t change the fact that we are all fellow humans, dealing with the same psychological issues.

So, why do we fall short of our goals so often? There are many different aspects to address when attempting to answer that question; way more than I can write about here. But I would like to touch on just a few of them to see if maybe you can identify where you might be getting stuck.

To begin with, understand that it is common for most people to immediately look for an external cause to the problem; I need a better/harder routine, I need a different diet plan, I need more money, more time, more energy, fewer distractions, a nicer gym, better shoes, cheese and chocolate and wine need to be less delicious, etc… While some of these may be legitimate reasons (I mean, chocolate is delicious, after all), you will have much more success if you first look at your own behaviors.

Don’t believe me? Here is a simple example to show you that the “sticking spot” isn’t always “out there”:

How many of you know that you should eat more vegetables and drink more water? (You don’t have to raise your hands. First off, I can’t see them. And secondly, when you talk to enough people about this, you realize that most of them have their hands in the air.) Ok, now, how many of you DO eat more vegetables and drink more water? I am guessing that there aren’t as many hands in the air, right? Why is that? You already know the information, and you know what you should be doing. Hearing more and more experts tell you that you need to eat more vegetables and drink more water probably isn’t going to finally get you to do it, either.

But that’s what most of us do. We keep seeking out different/better sources, presumably waiting for that one special source that is finally going to magically stick and lead us to the promise land of a healthy and happy life. Except that we usually never find it, and we keep spinning in our old familiar cycle.

So where do we get stuck when it comes to following through on our health and fitness goals?

First, most of us tend to rely too much upon the feeling of motivation. Feeling motivated is an awesome experience. It is a mixture of joy and hope and determination.  It makes you want to jump up and say “Yes!! Let’s go do this!!” (and then start punching and kicking the air).

Unfortunately, human feelings and emotions are fickle. They come and go like those patches of blue sky and sunshine on a rainy Seattle day.  If we only acted in accordance to our goals when the sun was out, we would certainly never reach our destination. Goals are reached through consistent, sometimes boringly repetitive, action, regardless of how you are feeling.

The cumulative effect of those actions, however large or small, is what brings us closer to our goals, whether it is creating the routine of healthy eating, building muscle strength and size, or losing weight. Relying upon the feeling of motivation just isn’t enough. You have to determine the path to your goal and then commit to the action that it will take to get you there.

How do you get through those tough times and continue to act in ways consistent with your goals when you aren’t feeling motivated? That brings us to our second reason: your WHY.

Determining your WHY might be one of the most important things you can do when setting your goals. The strength of your WHY is what carries you through those hard moments, when you don’t feel like doing the right thing.

“I want to be healthier” is not a very strong WHY when you are tired and hungry, haven’t done your workout yet, and there is a pint of Ben and Jerry’s finest in the freezer. However, “I want to look good in my wedding dress, which I will be wearing in front of 150 people,” well, that might just give you the incentive you need to put in the necessary work. Or, if I tell you, “Do 30 minutes of cardio at least 5 times a week because it will improve your health,” you might get a few days in here and there. But If I tell you “Do 30 minutes of cardio at least 5 times a week because your labs are so bad right now that if you don’t do that amount of exercise you might die of a heart attack in the next 5 years,” I am guessing you might get six or seven days a week in.

Big difference, right? The point is, the more real and palpable meaning there is to your goals, the more likely it is to carry you through those days when you just don’t want to make the best choices.

The third reason that I will mention here is the “deeper conflict.” In this case, you have established a meaningful WHY to your goal, you understand that you can’t rely upon the feeling of motivation and have committed to an action plan…and yet…you keep acting in ways that take you further away from your goal instead of closer to it.

There are many things that can be explored when this happens, but oftentimes I have found that there is a deeper, potentially unconscious, goal operating underneath it all. It might be better explained by an example:

Imagine someone who seems to have a pretty decent WHY, and they are very diligent about keeping up with their workouts, but more often than not they participate in self-sabotaging behaviors, perhaps when it comes to eating. When questioned about it, they may even be perplexed about why they did what they did (and they might even say something like, “Well, part of me wanted to act in one way, but another part of me wanted to act in a different way.)

Usually, this signifies that the behavior that is not in alignment with the stated goal is satisfying a different goal. One possibility might be that the person has an issue with control. Perhaps they had a parent who was really controlling, and now they have a deep resentment around being told what to do. Even though they are being truthful about their stated goal, the deeper program that is running underneath it all is that when they are told how they should eat, they unconsciously rebel against it. The end result is an ongoing cycle of self-sabotage, and only by becoming conscious of the issue can they end the pattern.

Of course, this is just one of many possible explanations, and the three reasons I listed here are just a small sample of the types of things that can get in the way of achieving our goals.

If you need some assistance in this area, I offer training and coaching services in the Seattle area and to all members of the Fremont Health Club. Feel free to reach out to me to see how I might be able to assist you in reaching your goals.

Whether you work with me, with one of the other trainers at FHC, or go it on your own, I encourage you to take that first step.  Ask yourself:

What can I do today that my future self will thank me for?

You will be happy that you did!

Tim Sinnett

Free Rein Athletics


Pound class in Fremont

Who wants to #pound ? Pound is the most fun, creative and intense workout to come to Seattle in a long time. There’s still availability for our Tuesday FEB 7th class @7. Let’s make it a regular class by signing up for the Pound workout now. No gear or tools needed, we will have that all for you. We just need you, your desire to have fun and your sweat.



5 minute plank challenge

5 minute plank!? Ah! Okay, it’s not so drastic or bad! We have split that 5 minutes up among 3 different types of planks, and a boat hold.

Everyday for the month of March, we challenge you to accomplish these 4 planks.

    1. a regular plank for one minute
    2. two side planks (one on each side), each side for one minute
    3. a back plank for one minute


  1. a boat hold for one minute

Can you dedicate 5 minutes to fitness everyday this month?  Don’t feel like you have to do a full minute at a time…take it in strides (20-30 seconds at a time…adding up to a full minute).  Perhaps by the end of the month, your 5 minutes of planks will seem like a breeze.  We have faith in you!

Have fun & Be Active!

Your friends from Build it for Life


When: SATURDAYS 12:00-1:30pm
Dates: 6 weeks February 4th through March 11th
Where: FHC Studio A/Boxing Area
How Much: $99 entire series or $20.00/ drop in class
Learn the art of boxing, self-discipline and self defense. Be prepared to navigate conflict and condition yourself both mentally and physically with this 6-week challenge.

Team Lifting with Teagan

When: MONDAYS & THURSDAYS 6-7:30am 
Dates: Thursday 2/23 and ends Monday 3/27
Where: FHC Equipment Floor
How Much: $100 entire series or $15 drop in class
INFO from Teagan:
Train like an athlete!
This class is not a beginner lifting experience.  This class combines foam rolling, static stretching, dynamic movements, plyometrics, and strength and power training to have profound effects on balance, stability, strength, and body composition. Every workout includes power exercises and large, intense metabolic circuits with weights. The workouts are intended to be challenging– but fun!
With a dedicated group built on an atmosphere of love of fitness and desires for everyone to achieve their personal goals, this class is designed to be like a crossfit experience– with more focus on proper form and control instead of chasing numbers on potentially dangerous lifts. If you are looking for a community of like-minded individuals working hard to transform and improve their health and fitness, this if for you.
Requirements: Basic experience with weights and exercise. If you are concerned about the intensity of this class, please contact Teagan Callaway at before enrolling.

Free February 18th Health fair

Feb. 18th

Join ‘Talon the Falcon’ the high-flying mascot for Seattle Pacific University

Join us at FHC February as we enjoy a fun-filled health fair with ‘Talon the Falcon.’ Refreshments, drinks and the company of other health enthusiasts and professionals will be in plentiful supply.

In addition to Talon the Falcon, we will have a wide array of informational and fun guests.

Receive a 10 minute chair massage and posture assessment simply for showing up.

Dr. Maggie Fox


Meet with Dr. Maggie Fox of Fox Natural Medicine and talk natural medicine. Try juice samples and other demos.






Chef by Request

chef by request

Taste fresh and healthy food

Personal Fresh Meal Delivery Service




Kinetic Sports Rehab With Teagan Callaway

Kinetic sports rehab

Free 15 minute consultations 


We will also have some of the creative and accomplished trainers that train here at Fremont Health Club



Kim Brownlee

Offering core strength Demo

Rebecca Jackson
Offering TRX demo



Devon Johnson-Porter
Perfect Balance
Offering kettle-bell demo




Adriana Medina
Fuerte Fitness

Fuerte Fitness



There’s more?

In addition to all of the above, you can also attend one of the following classes for free:

9-10 Hatha Yoga

11-11:30 AB Lab

11:30-12pm HIIT

12-1pm The SweatBox


For the kids

The little ones can play fitness games with Coach Davis in the kid’s conditioning class.

Childcare available for ages 1-4

Free February 4th Health Fair

February 4th mini health fair

We are starting the month off with some of our favorite friends from Fremont
February 4th 11-1pm



Shepherd family chiropractic
Dr. Ed Shepherd from the renowned clinic Shepherd Family Chiropractic


Dr. Fred Russo




Fox Natural Medicine

Dr. Maggie Fox ND
Fox Natural Medicine
Will do a free 30 minute Qi Gong class at 11:30

Chef my request

Chef by Request
Taste fresh deliciousness from Chef By Request

Personal Fresh Meal Delivery Service

Sanachi Massage


Sanachi Massage 

Will be performing chair massage
Sanna Miller, LMP, APP

Winter charity efforts updates

Thanks to your generous support we helped to create 50 sets of care packages that went to help needy people in Ballard and Fremont.

We brought several containers of cloths and 3 boxes of non-perishable foods to the Fremont Food bank.

We raised funds to buy food for Manny’s Church group that fed countless 60 families in the Shoreline area.

Barre None

Every month we take a closer look at a friend or a team member. This month, we get a little closer to the lovable, affable, self-deprecating and supremely talented Kris Walters. She teaches several classes and takes care of all of the scheduling here at FHC. We truly couldn’t do what we do without her. In addition to teaching Barre, HIIT and others, she has one of the most inclusive styles and always makes her students feel welcome. She is truly one of the best Barre instructors in Seattle.

For our questions with her, please follow the link below and keep an eye for a blog post from her in the near future.



What would you consider to be your biggest contribution to the ‘team’ at FHC?

Oh man, um… this one is tough. I am very proud of my work on the group fitness class schedule and miss Zina’s collaboration on it! (Zina is a former instructor who is still a friend of FHC) We created a community for sure. After she left, I just took it & ran with it. I think it is important to be creative with types of classes – not just having a regular class schedule but also adding series, workshops and special fundraiser events (like the one we are doing this Saturday that you should come to our ‘Give what you can’ circuit classto keep motivated.


 I am enthusiastic about fitness for every person and every level and that you should ENJOY something about the process. I try to keep that point of view fresh and in the forefront of all our marketing efforts. If that is my biggest contribution, the idea that fitness isn’t selective, I would be very happy.




What is the most important quality in a leader?

Flexibility. Humility. Motivational qualities that make people want to follow you out of respect and excitement versus fear and bullying. I think people are drawn to my class because I work hard to include all people – all levels of fitness, all body types, all injury modification needs, etc.


In fact, at times I wonder if I give too many options NOT to do something, if students use those options as an “out” — but in the end, I want people to be inspired to move and workout to the extent they are comfortable. Some days it will be Rocky-level badassness, other days perhaps the energy-level will be slightly less and that’s ok. I believe that my balance of acceptance and challenge is what makes me a strong leader. I will push you, but I will also look out for you.


What do you do or say to inspire your classes?

I read the class. If the class needs jokes, I will make really bad ones (seriously, really bad!). If they need a drill sergeant, I’ll bring out my inner GI Jane and let it rip. If they need self-care, I’ll talk about the breath and connecting the mind to the body. And oftentimes a class will need a balance of all three. To me, a class isn’t just a workout – it is an opportunity for me to connect to each person in the room to the degree that they want. I share personal triumphs and struggles in a quick little aside while they are doing burpees and I give them permission to bust ass or take it easy. I also make sure to have time before and after class for anyone who needs it.


As a class-goer, I personally have a lot of anxiety and insecurity — not knowing if I will be able to do everything or if my back is going to tighten up or my knees feel stressed. I wonder if I will feel inspired by the instructor or if it’s going to be a headspace game of me comparing myself to everyone in the room instead of focusing on the workout. So, as an instructor, I try to take that guessing game away from my students. It’s about YOU, your space, your work, today only… not yesterday or tomorrow. And if I see a student’s focus start to wane, that’s when the jokester, drill sergeant or therapist comes into play. If I can keep you focused on YOU, I’ve done my job.

To sign-up for one of Kris’s classes, follow this link.