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Instructor Spotlight: Meet Janell Hartman

Janell Hartman, true to her name, has a big heart. She has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga at FHC since we first started six years ago.  In the early years, she volunteered with us, while we got established.  Her knowledge, experience, and love for the art of yoga have been a life-changing for many. Besides her involvement with the FHC, she is spreading her love and knowledge of yoga to critical programs like Yoga Behind Bars and offers Teacher Trainings in the Seattle area. Basically, Janelle is a rock star and we wanted to share a few things about her with you all.

What drew you to volunteer to teach with Yoga Behind Bars?

Early 2013 I happened to answer a call for help one evening at a friend’s restaurant when one of their servers was sick. They were hosting a fundraiser for Yoga Behind Bars and one of the guest speakers was a former inmate who had been released from prison a couple of years prior. She shared how the yoga classes and teachers had impacted her life inside and helped her integrate when she got out. I was moved to tears. That was it for me. I got involved right away.

What inspires you the most about teaching in prison?

There are very few folks who ever get to know themselves as well as those who’ve been to very dark places, have been ostracized, and experienced profoundly deep conflict. When that degree of darkness is navigated and transformed, the light of that redemption can guide a suffering world into balance. I witness the power of ethics and soul development at the core of the ancient Yogic teachings changing these guys in a big way. They’re forging true freedom independent of their circumstances. They’re turning around and sharing it. That inspires me.

What else are you up to?

I conduct teacher trainings for Yin and for Restorative yoga a few times per year here in Seattle and out at Breitenbush Hotsprings. My main work is at the Tummy Temple, a wonderful naturopathic healing center where I am a colon hydrotherapist and electro-lymphatic therapist. I’m also their director of outreach and education. I teach a free community class on a different practical natural health topic every first Thursday of the month at Tummy Temple. Hop on our website and check out our services and happenings!

How to get the most out of classes at FHC

In this post, one of our wonderful trainers, Allison Axdorff, shares a few thoughts on the value of group fitness:

Did you know FHC offers over 45 classes each week? If you haven’t tried them yet, you may not be getting the most out of your membership.

You may consider me little biased. I’m a long-time group fitness fanatic and instructor of POUND, a full body workout inspired by the energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums. But, there are reasons I am this passionate about group fitness. Read on to learn why and how to get the most out of classes here at FHC.

Show up

When you sign up for a class you are penciling in time that you’ve made for yourself and that self-care is a wonderful thing. We all know that life happens, but committing in advance keeps you accountable for the time you’ve set aside. Let us be your “accountabilibuddy”. Even if you show up holding on to your stress and worries, you’ll leave feeling more positive and ready to tackle whatever is next.

Mix it up

It’s important to change up your workouts to avoid muscle stagnation, prevent injury, and keep your mind focused and engaged. The instructors at FHC bring new moves and routines to class to ensure it stays fresh. You can also mix it up by trying new classes. During prime time at FHC there is often more than one class on the schedule, which allows you to mix it up while keeping a routine.

Trying a new class takes (or anything new) takes courage. Even as an instructor, I find that I can be nervous or feel awkward trying a new class or format for the first time. I remind myself that everyone either is or has been in the same position. At the end of class, I’m always happy that I tried something new. Sometimes when you’re new to a class format your brain may be doing as much flexing as your muscles. I encourage my students to try a class two or three times to get a true feel for it.

There are also smaller ways to mix it up with the classes you may already be attending. We are creatures of habit, even when it comes to “our spot” in the room. Try taking the class from another location in the studio and see how it changes the experience. Maybe with the new angle, you’ll notice something different about form or at the very least make a new friend.


I’m a strong believer that group fitness is about so much more than the workout. One thing I love about FHC is the small class sizes. Over the past year that I’ve been teaching at FHC, I’ve been blown away by how kind, passionate, and fun FHC members are. Make sure to say hello and meet someone new in your next class!

Make it your own

In group fitness, while we are working out together, we shouldn’t all be working out the same.

Another benefit of the small class sizes at FHC is that your instructors are there to help customize the class so you get the most out of the workout. Whether you’re looking to take the intensity to the next level or find the right modification, it can be accomplished. Ask your instructor before or after class how a workout can be customized for what you need. Lastly, your feedback about any part of the workout is always welcome (seriously, if you’re not digging the new Iggy Azalea lunge track let me know). This is your workout too and together we make the best spot in Fremont to get fit.

I encourage you to keep these in mind as you make the most of the classes offered at FHC. And if you come to my class, all I ask is that you make the workout what you need (with help from me of course) and HAVE FUN. In the POUND Rockout Workout, you can’t make mistakes, you can only have drum solos.

See you at FHC,

Allison Axdorff

Meet Kristin Varner – an incredible illustrator and a loyal FHC fitness enthusiast


We were so impressed by Kristin’s work, we wanted to share it with you. Check out the Q&A below to learn a bit more.


Q: Tell me about your published work.

A: I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator for about 18 years. My first published work out of college was mainly editorial illustrations for magazines, newspapers, and brochures. Over the course of my career, I’ve created art for television commercials, educational books, toys apparel and other products. However, the last few years I have been fortunate enough to focus on my true passion which is children’s book work. I have one picture book published titled, PINK CUPCAKE MAGIC, written by Katherine Tegen and published by Henry Holt and Co. I am currently working on another picture book (writing and illustrating) as well as a graphic novel that I hope to be sending out to publishers soon.

Q: What got you started in this field and what are your goals?

A: I’ve been drawing since childhood and by high school, I began to take it more seriously. I attended art school at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. I was never exactly sure what area of Illustration I wanted to specialize in, but the whimsical nature of my work lent itself to the children’s market. I have always loved and collected children’s books, so naturally, to create them has been a lifelong dream of mine.

Q: Have you hit any obstacles, and if so, how did you get through them?

A: How to survive financially has been the hardest obstacle I’ve faced living the life of a freelance illustrator. Concentration in the children’s book industry has been particularly tough due to the market being so over-saturated with the many talented illustrators out there. It’s been a rough go at times and I’ve had to take less desirable jobs to make ends meet, but keeping goals in sight and never giving up when I’ve been tempted to throw in the towel have kept me going. Also relying on my people skills has helped me tremendously, as I’ve been fortunate to forge many good relationships with clients that have continued over the years.

Q: Tell us some more about yourself and your family.

A: I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah and still find my happy place, skiing or snowboarding in the mountains here in the Pacific Northwest. I lived for several years in Brooklyn, New York, where I met my husband. We moved to Berlin, Germany where our daughter, Francis was born. We were pulled back to the States by the mighty Amazon giant, and have been here in Seattle for the past five years, and happy to call Fremont our home. I love traveling, enjoying time with friends and family, riding bikes, and I’m also a bit of a history nerd.   

Q: How has FHC been part of your life and for how long?

A: Several years ago, I was a member at one of the large, club gyms in town which I had joined for the child care option. However, my daughter, Francis,  who was nearly 2 years old at the time, absolutely loathed this gym and would cry incessantly until one of the employees would come fetch me. I was rarely able to get a full workout in. My husband discovered and joined FHC first, and after meeting Lillian he thought that Francis would be much happier with a smaller setting and Lillian looking after her. I decided to give it a shot and quit the other gym. Francis was comfortable with Lillian right away.  That was nearly 4 years ago, and I’ve been coming to FHC ever since and Francis still does too. In fact, I have to be secretive about going when it’s just myself on days when Francis is at school. She loves the gym and always wants to go see Lillian.

Q: How do you stay motivated to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: I try to stay in tune with what is going on with my body, and I’ve always been the type of person that gets very cranky if I’ve been working too much or haven’t been to the gym or gone on a run for a few days. Keeping it all in balance makes sense when it comes to diet, exercise and everything else. I cook more often than not so I can monitor more closely what our family is eating  (even though dining out in Seattle is such a treat). I like getting hooked on routines and the noontime classes at the gym have been a game changer for me. I really look forward to those days and the anticipation of not knowing what the instructor will be throwing at us. I also look forward to gym sessions on my own where I finally have time to put on my headphones and listen to podcasts that I like to follow.  I even find that some of my best inspiration for work comes when I’m out on a run or sweating it out.

follow Kristin at: Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Interview with Larry Berger!

A page in the Story of Fremont:  Larry Berger

The other day I went to visit, Larry Berger, at his residence in the heart of Fremont where he has his hair salon.  After my hair cut, he agreed to do an interview with me.  He has done my hair off and on for many years now and it’s always a pleasure to capture insights into his Fremont.  Being a hair dresser, he certainly knows many secrets but you’ll never catch him sharing those stories.  His salon and living areas are filled with collectible treasures that have found a second use and placed skillfully in a way that tell their own story.  He is always ready to strike up a conversation with a stranger or old friend.  He believes in supporting local businesses first.  Larry has referred many other members to us and we are so grateful to have him as one of our long time members.  Here are a few questions I asked him:

What brought you to Fremont?

I was looking for a city that was a bit more sophisticated than my home town of Tacoma.  I was drawn first to the art scene and the Fremont Solstice over 35 years ago.  There was no parade back then, just the fair.  I would go to the disco back when that was the thing. It was in the building where Costa Opa’s was (now Chase Bank).  I also helped some friends find a space to open a tiny coffee shop, ETG.  On the same day I helped another friend find a space to bring Delux Junk (a collectables paradise of reuse treasures) with the apartment above that I eventually moved into and have been there for 30 years now.  After Delux Junk closed, the Tzar Dumpling restaurant is under construction and hopes to open up soon.

What’s kept you here all these years?

It’s a feeling I have that I fit in here.  The most friendly place I’ve ever encountered, unlike any other community.  It is a part of what has attracted to so many wonderful businesses here. I love living in Fremont.

Tell me about your business:

I’ve been in cosmetology for 39 years and have my shop in my home,

I also do paint treatment.  Refurbish old furniture (with an artistic touch).

I am also a part time care giver now for the last 7 years.

I’ve seen you many times walking the neighborhood picking up trash.  How did that get started?

Well, a lot of garbage in the streets.  It’s so much more pleasant when the trash is picked up.  It defiantly gets me walking around and staying active.

What are some of the biggest changes you have you seen since you moved here?

The Burk Gilman Trail has been a big part of the improvements. We have all benefited especially from the Quadrant buildings improvements.

Fremont is a wonderful place.  It’s only going to get better and hoping to see a higher level of consciousness when more people are more vocal to making positive improvements.

What is your vision for future for Fremont?

I want Fremont to be cleaner, if some of the building owners would put up some hanging garden baskets, plant parking strips in front of their buildings and we need more volunteers to pick up trash.  And more trash cans would help.

You recently had knee surgery. Have you been able to use the gym to help you heal?

Yes, in both knees.  One in March and the other in May.  I used to go to MTI Physical Therapy but know I take what I have learned and come to the gym three times a week.  The doctor says I am improving faster than the average and I think it’s partially because I take my FHC gym exercises seriously.


Thank you for sharing, Larry Berger.

Larry is looking for new clients and his prices are reasonable: 206-632-2233



An interview with Dace!

An interview with one of our members, Dace. This is a good read and inspiring.
You seem to have encompassed your workout into a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  What motivated you to start and how do you keep a good routine going?
 In terms of health and weight issues, sometimes, it seems, the very beginning of our lives sets on a course that we would not have chosen, if we had a choice, or even if our parents had a choice:  the first years of my life were spent in a refugee camp in Germany following World War II, which meant starvation, no medical care, not even bare essentials.  All of that impacted my life, in terms of health and disordered eating for decades, as it did my siblings and all my friends from that era.  I struggled with disordered eating from my teenage years, for decades, with the deep-seated fear that, “If I don’t eat it now… all of it…. there won’t be any food tomorrow….’ and, for years, there was no food tomorrow. It has been a long journey toward determined health and fitness and I think the bottom-line advice I would give anyone, struggling with anything, is Never Ever Give Up!!!
A few years ago, I returned to my homeland, Latvia, for the first time since being born there and having to flee because of WWII.  It was an epiphany for me and that first trip has impacted my life in a powerful and wondrous way now for years.  I was on my own; renting an apartment, walking miles daily, learning to adjust to weather issues, re-learning the Latvian language, creating new communities — all very challenging and very wonderful.  I have always wanted to travel but circumstances were such that I couldn’t.  Finally, in Latvia, I began to satisfy that hunger by taking bus trips all over Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  Those trips were mostly Senior Expeditions, so very reasonable and  now I have been on more than 20 trips all over the Baltic countries and elsewhere, as well as fulfilling my dreams of climbing volcanoes in Iceland, climbing huge mountains in Iceland to view hidden waterfalls, climbing the Giants Causeway in Ireland, and most recently, a long ocean-going ‘raft’ ride in the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal, to view ancient ruins only visible from that wild ride.  Absolutely exhilarating!  Over the past few years, have conquered fear of flying.. now cannot wait to get on an airplane… fear of heights… no more… and the turbulent rafting trip in Portugal, dealt with my fear of being on turbulent waters, since I never learned to swim!  Again, my advice to anyone is:  Never, Ever Give Up!!!!
You do a lot of traveling and stay on extended trips.  Where do you go and how do you stay active while abroad?  Share some of your favorite experiences.
When choosing where to go, I purposefully look for a excursion which includes physical activity that is challenging – sitting on a bus is not very healthy, so when we arrive at our destination, or stops on the way, it has been absolutely thrilling for me to challenge myself with long hikes through primitive woods in Latvia, hours climbing steep cliffs, exploring islands where one would not be surprised to discover a sleeping dinosaur– non-meat eating, of course… because the setting is so isolated and primitive; hours hiking along boardwalks built over bogs for the purpose of sighting wildflowers, wild orchids in particular, hours walking to an isolated island to hang out with the wild horses who live there…. and my Bucket List is endless:  I want to explore Greenland, Gotland, the Faroe Islands, more time climbing near glaciers in Iceland and more challenging sites, where fitness is important to be able to enjoy the setting.
Tell me in a few words what “The Third Place” means?
All of this is related to working out at the Fremont Health Club, my Third Place:  I love books, so am thrilled when a new bookstore opens.  When Third Place Books opened in Shoreline some years ago, their philosophy was and still is:  we all need a Third Place:  In community building, the third place (or third space) is the social surroundings separate from the two usual social environments of home (“first place”) and the office (“second place”). Examples of third places would be environments such as cafes, clubs, public libraries, or parks. In his influential book The Great Good PlaceRay Oldenburg (1989, 1991) argues that third places are important for civil society, democracy, civic engagement, and establishing feelings of a sense of place.  The Fremont Health Club has been that gift to me, in countless ways.  Too many of my friends in their 70s, with empty nests, no family close by, isolate themselves and develop unhealthy lifestyles.  They need the Fremont Health Club!!!
What did you do before you retired?  
I worked for the  House and Senate in the Washington State Legislature, helped run – successful — political campaigns, and still love politics and those of my friends who are still in office or are involved in politics.  We have many animated political discussions at the Fremont Health Club, and that adds to the energy and fun of that very important Third Place atmosphere:  any point of view is accepted, even if not one’s own.
Now that you have the time to do other things, what are some of your favorite activities?
In terms of passions in addition to fitness efforts, I love being a Grandma and wish my grandchildren lived closer, so we could have adventures together; love to garden and there, also, fitness is important, as I have to haul huge bags of soil and compost from store to Queen Anne, up many stairs, dump in wheelbarrow and use in my flower beds!  All wonderful FUN but not if one does not work out!  I saw a sign in a gardening store some years ago that said, “Gardening Is Not For Cowards!”  The same is said about aging and many other life challenges:  working out at the Fremont Health Club has been such an important part of my determination to be that courageous Grandma who has many more mountains to climb, volcanoes to be awed-by, bogs to cross, wild horses to ride!!!!  Thank you, Fremont Health Club, for contributing greatly, endlessly, to my life in a positive way!!!

April newsletter


*Sorry folks, I had some issues with the newsletter and some errors. For those that have received the emails twice, I apologize.We did make some revisions and I corrected some errors. My apologies again for the errors. Please read on*

What can we say about April? That it brings May flowers? No. That would go against my rule about cliche’s and figures of speech. How about we don’t reference the month, but work on being here? Being present. Carpe Diem…darn…it’s so hard to avoid cliche and figure of speech and colloquialisms and other verbal vanities. Let’s focus on how we can enjoy right now, the progress we’ve made and the help we’ve had getting here. With that, I turn you over to the capable hands of the residents of our humble house newsletter. It is overflowing with good stuff from our very own trainers and instructors as well as our members.

Live well my friends and enjoy today.

Tango til’ they’re sore*
By The Gracious Body

So, the Tango begins my friends. I’m taking things to the next level.

Many years ago, I was a bartender with a service industry schedule. Which meant

Help Wanted

Group Fitness Instructor
Part-time job
The Fremont Health Club is a community gym with a strong group fitness class program and we are looking for passionate instructors with evening and weekend availability (Friday evenings a plus) to add to our team – both regular schedule & sub opportunities!

If you are team-oriented with a mind for modifications and creative class formats, we want to hear from you! We offer competitive pay & commissions for full classes.

Have an established client base? Bring them with you — we offer instructor comps and non-member class drop-ins. Fremont Health Club is a locally owned & operated gym with enthusiastic and motivated members!

We are specifically looking for instructors with a minimum of 1 year experience teaching:

Strength Conditioning
Tabata, etc.

Contact us by replying to this post with resume, references and pay expectations.
Certification and experience is required.

Must be willing and able to:
Have strong communication skills.
Be early to class to meet clients and sign them in to class.
Ability to motivate, correct form and adjust for all levels of clients need during session.
Willingness to connect and encourage clients.

Fremont Health Club
920 N 34th St. Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98103

920 N 34th St, Ste 200
Seattle, Washington 98103

Katelyn Page

Since I’ve been here at Fremont Health Club, the compliments and comments Katelyn Page has received have been plentiful. “She’s so creative” “She’s so inclusive” “Where did she get all of those freckles?” are among some of the things I’ve heard. We finally have a moment and are able to get some comments from Katelyn herself. So, without much more ado, a few words from Katelyn: READ MORE HERE

Blueberry Quinoa Cereal recipe from
Adriana Medina-Cagan

Around the club, I’ve seen this delicious but strange looking concoction every morning that I get here. Though it looks partially inedible, I can say that it is delicious, good for your stomach and smells great. Adriana was kind enough to pass along the recipe to us all. It was originally contributed by Lina Federko.

Adriana is available for training at Fremont Health Club. Contact her via

*Recap of Blacklight Boxing*
How to properly tape for boxing

According to those in attendance at Blacklight boxing, it was a success. Super fun and creative and sure to be back some time. We are working out the bugs and hope you enjoyed yourselves. If you’d like to work with Manny on a personal basis, please contact us through Fremont Health Club or

Click on the little Manny to see his wrist taping video.

Fremont Friends Focus
Meet The MariaElena Garcia and Tony Lucero and their son
Toñito Lucero-Garcia

Our members, as we’ve learned, are incredible and as invaluable as any of the people that work here at Fremont Health Club. We have decided to continue and lengthen the focus section this month and are including a couple of our Fremont friends, MariaElena Garcia and Tony Lucero. They were a couple of the first people I met here at FHC and some of the most fun. One of the highlights of my week is hearing the energetic workout and music coming from Tony’s morning sessions with Manny. MariaElena is always fun as well because she is steadily on the move, going from class to class, signing the community board and speaking with members and staff. You’ll notice her by her signature Boston Red-Sox hat, unless the forgoes it for her jet black edgy locks every now and then. Please read on to hear from them. Thanks again MEG and TL!

Read our interview here.

6 Survival Strategies for
Fitness Success
By Devon Johnson-Porter

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Losing 1-2 pounds of body fat a week ensures healthy and consistent weight loss. An overwhelming task if your goal is to lose 20 pounds for a Caribbean cruise set for next year. With a long term goal set it is as important to establish several measurable, short-term benchmarks as well. An example of a healthy short term goal could be a 6 -10 pound fat loss set for six weeks and rewarded with a pedicure or massage.

Letter from Lil’

I just had another birthday and people would say, “happy birthday”.  Maybe it’s better to say “happy seize the day”.   Life is fleeting when considering the big picture.  The temptation to ponder the past or dream about tomorrow are no match to living in the moment. Regardless of where we come from or where we are headed, each of us are on a unique journey, responsible to live the life presented to us today.  So let’s keep moving and let me see your smile when you leave the gym saying, “carpe diem”.

Harley is showing his pal Akira the benefits of cardio training.

Harley’s Howl

“You look ridiculous if you dance
You look ridiculous if you don’t dance
So you might as well
― Gertrude SteinThree Lives

Friend focus

We notice both of you here a lot. Outside of proximity, is there any reason why you’ve chosen FHC to train?


MEG: We love the feeling of community at the gym. I especially love the fact that people bring their kids and dogs to the gym as they work out, and that FHC is not just open to that but welcomes families, including companion animals. We also appreciate the diversity of the trainers (gender, racial), the variety of classes, and philosophies of health and fitness, as well as the range of ages and personalities so evident on the gym floor and in classes.


TL : From the beginning, we have liked the relaxed and friendly vibe at FHC. It is not a “grunt and groan” kind of place, but a welcoming space that has all kinds of people coming in, from your serious athletes to your middle-aged college professors. It is also nice that the team of trainers are not only really good at what they do, but clearly get along with each other and create a sense of community among them and us mere mortals. The diversity of the trainers and staff (including folks who are from various Indigenous, racial and ethnic groups, and includes women and men) is an important part of what make FHC special.


How does your exercise or training help you with your careers?


MEG: About one year after I had my son, I took on the directorship of an interdisciplinary program at the University of Washington. I had not anticipated the amount of administrative work this entailed, on top of my teaching, research, taking care of my son, and keeping things under control at home. Managing stress became (and continues to be) a high priority, and I quickly realized that working out helped me greatly. But it was not until I started taking Rebecca’s kickboxing classes, and then training with her, that I was really able to start breathing again. Working out, and especially taking cardio and strength classes with Kris Walters and Rebecca, helps me stay focused and better able to juggle work, home, and life.


TL: There is no question that I think better with exercise. Not only does it clear the cobwebs, but it also helps give me a place to work some stress out and also just feel better. I don’t go to the gym as much as ME does (she is hard to keep up with!), but regular work outs usually mean that I am happier and more productive.


Tony-you train with Manny a lot. Hearing you two work and have fun is one of my favorite things about working here. Why do you choose to train with him as opposed to some other method?


What can I say about Manny Dunham? He is an amazing teacher (says the middle-aged college professor)!


I have always been interested in boxing and followed it as a fan, but never had the chance to actually learn the finer, technical parts of the sport. Working with Manny has been fantastic. The guy is obviously incredibly talented, but he is also very smart and funny. Manny pushes me hard physically, way harder than I could push myself, but he has also helped me see just how much boxers need to use their brains. There is much about boxing that is counter-intuitive and thus takes some re-wiring upstairs in the head. Getting a combination right entails not only the order of the punches, but also an awareness of your body, a sweaty understanding of physics, and also an ability to laugh (as Manny will be making jokes during most of the session, especially when you are doing ab work, because that is when laughing hurts the most. The man is devious).

Working with Manny is fantastic. It has been the best part of working out at FHC.


MariaElena, You’re one of our most consistent students in class. You also take a variety of classes. What’s your philosophy about variety.

Until taking Rebecca’s kickboxing class almost 2 years ago, I much preferred working out on my own. But taking that class, I noticed that I pushed myself harder; I learned new things, and I felt accountable to the instructor and my fellow students. That motivated me, and with Rebecca’s encouragement, I began to branch out and try out different classes. Given the wonderful range of classes available at FHC, I now try to attend a variety of classes each week, combining cardio, strength, core, and stretching/lengthening. Attending such a mix of classes, and working with different instructors, has helped me think more holistically about my fitness, as well as allowing me the opportunity to learn new exercises in a challenging but supportive environment. I am also able to apply this to my own workouts, incorporating new techniques that help me push myself continuously.


Outside of FHC, where do you spend your free time?


MEG: There is such little free time! But we try to take family vacations whenever possible (San Diego is our son’s favorite destination), and spend time with friends. I love cooking and eating, so we try to have friends over regularly to share food, drink, and laughter. We also love going out to the many amazing restaurants this city has to offer, and taking Toñito to various museums, Seattle Children’s Theater and the Seattle Symphony. Now that the weather is getting nicer, we will spend many afternoons and weekends with our son in parks or out in our backyard.


TL: What is this “free time” you talk about? Actually, our little man has given us back the weekend, since he calls the shots when he is not in school. So on Saturday and Sunday, we are at some of the amazing museums in town (Burke, Mo Pop, Pacific Science Center, SAM and especially the Olympic Sculpture Park. Our son has also just gotten old enough to enjoy the movie theater, so we have seen every children’s movie that has come out in the last year. Power Rangers, I have to admit, was kind of awesome.


Is it important that you instill in your son your own dedication to fitness, or do you lead by example.


MEG: We try to live an active life, so we do make it a point to go out for walks or play in the park with our son as much as we can. We also find it important for him to see us taking the time to go to the gym or go for a run. For him, exercising is simply part of what we do each day, and something we clearly enjoy. This last part is important; whatever he does, we want him to have fun. One of his favorite things is to pick me up from a class at the gym, and to punch the heavy bag with Tony as they wait for me to finish.


TL: One of the advice parents get is that play is a kid’s job right now. For most kids, and Toñito for sure, play means running, jumping and pouncing. We definitely try to encourage him to do that a lot and especially be outside, but the truth is that we are just letting our kid be a kid. Chasing him around actually keeps us in shape!

Katelyn Page

Since I’ve been here at Fremont, the compliments and comments Katelyn Page has received have been plentiful. “She’s so creative” “She’s is so inclusive” are among some of the things I’ve heard. We finally have a moment and are able to get some comments from Katelyn herself. So, without much more ado, a few words from Katelyn:

Why/when/where did you decide that this was your passion? Because the time/risk it takes to educate yourself, become certified, build up a client base, etc. is rough, it must come from the heart right? Tell us your story!
I started yoga young with my mom whenever her back started hurting. I began feeling awareness of my body and my breath, and I felt empowered. I found my love for yoga then but I never took my practice seriously until I began my certification. I always thought teaching yoga would be a really fun job but it didn’t seem financially plausible. After I lost some close to me a few years ago, it shifted my perspective and I felt how short life really is. I decided to pursue my 200 hour certification but I didn’t have the two thousand dollar tuition. I reached out to my friends and everyone gave $10 or so. A few weeks later I was fully financially supported and signed up for certification! I have been learning ever since and love when my students ask questions and we get to learn together. I’ve found something that I not only love doing but I get to share with others. 
Have a crazy plank idea? Or a circuit that really kills?
One legged triceps push-ups are killerrr. Alternate sides with a tricep push-up in between. Add in a few wide arm push-ups and you have a killer workout for the chest, triceps, hips, and core. 
How about a spring recipe that is fresh & new? 
My favorite spring recipe right now is to mix shrimp, mayo, lime, and arugula on a bun. Perfect for a picnic in the park. Pair it with some sparkling rose and you have the perfect date.
Any new ideas or workshops or plans for summer?
I would love to do a Candlelight Rooftop Yoga when it warms up, as well as implementing a Level Two Yoga Class for the more advanced students to have a place to challenge themselves. A Power Glow Yoga events with black-lights would be so much fun!
Thanks to Kris Walters for the interview questions. You can find Katelyn’s schedule here.