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Check in and Win!

Howdy Fremont Health Club members!

Is your summer passing by as fast as ours? So many activities, so little time!
We had great fun at the TruAthlete event on July 27th. The owner Tricia and a few others made for a super fun Fremont Health Club team. Flag football, volleyball and soccer all in one day! We were proud to be a part of this events first year and are already looking forward to next!

Have an idea for a fun team event that you want the Fremont Health Club to participate in? Just let us know!

As this beautiful weather keeps everyone outside, we wanted to do something special to reward those of you loyal and dedicated members who are using the club during the month of August.
Check out our check in promo below and be sure to enter at the club! Then all you have to do is use your membership. The more you visit the club, the more entries you receive!


Making Summer Count

It’s so easy to skip workouts during the summer. Vacations take you out of your weekly routine. BBQ’s sound WAY more inviting than free weights.  And the sun! I mean, it’s not like we get to see it very long anyway!

Just remember, your time at the club will pay off when tackling those physical summer activities as well as give you the energy to utilize those long days when they are upon us!

Need some help staying motivated when the suns out?  Come in and try a new class. Zumba, Barre, Yoga & I.T.C are all included with your membership.  Find our full schedule here.
Or schedule a personal training session. $80 for 1 hour or $45 for 30 minutes (less per session for packages) to get you back on track or give you some great personalized exercises that will keep you running strong all summer.

We’ll be bringing you some great informational videos as well, so stay tuned!
In our first installment, Eric and Teresa demonstrate how to achieve a perfect squat using the Smith machine.
Try it out yourself next time you’re at the club!

60 Seconds to a Perfect Squat


Fremont Health Club Enters the Art Walk

We launched our first Friday Art Walk last Friday!

Despite the rain, (I mean, like down-pouring rain!) we had a great turnout.
People who braved the rain were treated with free henna designs, snacks and wine provided by Fremont Wine next door.
Art work from local artist Antoinette will be hanging at the club all month.  So if you missed the art walk,  you can still view her art for the month of April.

If you are an artist or you know an artist that you’d like to see at the club for future art shows,  please contact Danielle and [email protected]



Group Exercise Survey Results – New Classes

We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who filled out last months
Group Exercise survey.

We hear you!

Here are some of the most popular suggestions:

– More yoga classes, levels and times.
– More ways to connect with other members. Running clubs, meet up groups, etc.
– Guest teachers and workshops (You read our mind. We are partnering with Jasyoga this month! Check the series out here. )
– Monthly challenges.
–  More series programs like the 10 Week Challenge .

You have all given us some great things to implement and we look forward to bringing you the kind of programming that YOU want!

Starting in March we have 2 new class offerings:

Tuesdays  6:45pm  ZUMBA – Wen ( new instructor!)
Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Come try out the exercise craze that’s swept the nation!

Wednesdays 6:30pm Barre Class – Eric
You may have noticed that we installed a few barres in our group exercise studio.
This class utilize’s the barre as a tool to tone and tighten your thighs, glutes, and calves. Using your body weight and small weights, each move is designed to address a particular area of your body moving from dynamic to isometric muscle contractions (with a pulse), which leans and burns calories. Come feel the burn every Wednesday night

Saturdays 10am – TBA
We are currently looking for the right fit for a Saturday morning class. We hope to have it filled this month.
Stay tuned!

Check out the new classes and please continue to provide your feedback on how we can best help you reach your fitness goals.

Best in health-


February News!

Happy February Everyone! 

We have been listening to your individual feedback about our 
group exercise 
We would love to hear from all of you!
Please take a moment to complete this short 3 minute survey. 
What do you want to see on the schedule and when?


Upcoming  Cub Events

Yoga for Adrenal Fatigue with Janell

Saturday March 2 1pm-3:30pm – Fremont Health Club
Adrenal fatigue has become a cultural epidemic. Join Janell as she explores the adrenal glands and kidneys and prepares you with a practice you can do at home to help combat adrenal fatigue.
$20 FHC members $25 non-members
To register, please email  [email protected]


5 Week Series with Jasyoga

Sunday March 3- 31 10am-11am – Fremont Health Club
This 60-min. Jasyoga class with Coach Chloe Dee includes functional movement, balance, and core work to stabilize joints and improve your ability to use your strength in a more integrated way. Deep stretching and mobility work will help you gain and maintain range of motion and focus your mind for the week of work and workouts ahead.
$60 FHC members $70 non-members
$16 drop-in
Space is limited, so please pre-register by emailing [email protected]


Make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for club updates and fun health related  tidbits delivered to your news feed.


Best in health-



FHC's 10 Week Weight Loss Challenge!




We’ve all seen them before. “Biggest Loser” type programs to see who can lose the most weight in a short period of time. Most “fast” solutions when it comes to weight loss are not long lived and the competitors will usually see their weight start to climb back up when the competition is over.  How is our challenge different? I’m glad you asked!

1-      It’s for you! This challenge is designed with our members in mind. We want to see you all at the club and be able to continue to offer our support and encouragement long after the 10 weeks are over.

2-      It’s not just about weight loss. Yes, it IS a weight loss challenge, but we are measuring more than your weight. Total body composition change is more than how much you weigh.

3-      Safety is our goal. We want everyone to reach their own fitness goals, but at a safe pace for every individual.  10 weeks is enough time to get on the right path and create great habits that will stick with you even after the challenge has ended.

What you get for your $25 registration fee:

–          Before and after weight and body composition testing

–          Weekly class taught by FHC staff (See schedule below)

–          Before and after photo (personal)

–          Accountability

–          Support – Ask questions, get answers & let everyone know how it’s going on our FB page Forum here.

–          A chance to win some really cool prizes!

Classes are:  

Thursday January 24th
Aerobic Activity for Weight Loss
12:00pm and 6:30pm

Thursday January 31st
Muscle Gain for Weight Loss
12:00pm and 6:30pm

Thursday February 7th
ITC and the Core
11:00am and 5:00pm * Earlier times for this date*

Thursday February 14th
Basic Nutrition 101
12:00pm and 6:30pm

Thursday February 21st
Unlocking the Chain (Flexibility and Stretching)
12:00pm and 6:30pm

Thursday February 28th
The Mind Body Connection (Moving Past Barriers)
12:00pm and 6:30pm

Thursday March 7th
Core Strong
12:00pm and 6:30pm

Subjects for classes March 14th, 21st and 28th TBA.   Stay Tuned!

Contact us if you have any questions at all. Sign up at the front desk.

[email protected]



How to Make and KEEP Your New Years Resolution




It’s that time of year. Time to reflect on the year past and set goals for the year ahead.  Although it’s easy to make a resolve to make changes in the new year, the hard part for most of us, is sticking to it. Especially in June, when your resolution that you made in January is just a distant memory.  So, how can we stay committed all year long? See below for some great ideas to get you on-track and how to stay there!

1- Pick a resolution that is in line with your core values
This is the big one. The number one reason that people don’t stick to their resolutions is that their resolution was not in align with their own values. Make sure that what you are resolving to do has a deep and powerful meaning for you. Maybe you’ve never made health a priority and want that to change. Have you made friends or family a priority? How can you make your health about them?

2 – Share your resolution
Tell friends and family what your resolution is. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. Write a blog. Sky-write it! Anyway to let your community of support know what your goals are. Even ask them to  join you! Create a pact with a few friends to help each other stay on track.

3- Be specific
Instead of “I want to exercise more this year.”
Make a specific resolution. “ I will exercise twice a week.”  Breaking your resolution down into measurable tasks also makes it much easier to achieve.

4- Try something new
If your resolution is to eat better, try taking a healthy cooking class. Try a new restaurant for inspirations.  Getting in shape? Try a new group exercise class or hire a personal trainer to mix up your workouts. Try ballroom dancing, rock climbing, anything that is new and different.

5- Write it down
Write your resolution down and put it somewhere that you will see it everyday. Work, home, the car,  anywhere.  If your a person who is more drawn to images, find a few that will support your goal  and add it to your text. Again, make them strong, or it won’t stick.

6- Don’t give up
Let’s say your resolution is to exercise twice a week. And you miss a week. Don’t beat yourself up. Get right back to it! Every week, day, hour and minute is a chance to renew your commitment.  You don’t have to give up on the whole year for a slip up. And remember, be kind to yourself. Your the only one who can get you to your desired end result.

What’s your resolution? We want to hear!

5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

© Eperceptions | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Indianeye | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos

The holiday season can be one of the toughest times of year to stick to healthy eating.

Here are some tips to help make it through:

1) Don’t skip meals
If you are headed to a holiday event in the evening that only snacks will be provided, make sure you eat something before you leave the house. A fuller belly will tempt you less to snack.

2) Watch your alcohol consumption.
Not only are alcoholic beverages high in calories, after a few you are also more likely to snack and care less about what you eat. Enjoy responsibility, and get plenty of water.

3) Bring a healthy dish to your holiday gathering.
I know, I know. No one wants to be “that” guest who brings the veggie tray that no one eats, but there are lots of healthy and delicious holiday treat options.  Try a cheese platter with fruit instead of crackers. Try this recipe for rosemary roasted almonds. (I brought this one to a party and it was a hit!)

4) Keep healthy snacks at work
Work holiday parties and lunches are often packed full of sugary treats. Keep a few snacks at your desk  that will help fill you up before hand. A handful of almonds may be just what you need to avoid that second holiday cookie. This is good advice year round!

5) Forgive yourself
The holidays are stressful enough without adding your own guilt about over eating, over drinking or not getting your veggie fill. Be kind to yourself and know that one overindulgence meal does not ruin the rest of your day/week/year.

Have a wonderful holiday season!





5 Benefits of Personal Training



It may be the 4th time you’ve joined a gym. It may be the 1st. Why hire a trainer?
Here are 5 reasons that hiring a personal trainer is beneficial.

1) See results. Safely!
You’ve joined a gym. Hooray! Now what? What kind of results are you after? Working with a personal trainer can help tailor a program that will safely and more effectively deliver the results you want. With a personalized program you will see faster results. Work out smarter, not harder.

2) Accountability
How many times have you committed to yourself that you will go to the gym this week only to talk yourself out of it because it’s raining or you’re tired or you forgot you call your mom or *insert other last minutes excuse here*?  Having an appointment with a trainer may just be the motivation you need to get there!

3) Achieve Long Term Results
Short term goals are great. Many of you are familiar with the SMART goal method.  While it’s important to really hone in short term goals, it is also important to reevaluate and asses new goals as they become necessary. Meeting with a trainer to reestablish goals can be key in long term results.

4) Maximize Your Time
We are all so busy today. Who has time for hours upon hours at the gym? More effective workouts also mean more efficient and shorter workouts. That means less time working out, more time on that long overdue house project. (Although, maybe you’d prefer the gym!)

5) Combat Boredom
A boring workout is a soon neglected workout. A personal trainer will keep things interesting and challenging!


For more information about our trainers, visit our bio page here. For more information on our training program and our owners personal success story, see our website here.

Contact us at [email protected] for any questions at all. See you at the club!