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How to Make and KEEP Your New Years Resolution




It’s that time of year. Time to reflect on the year past and set goals for the year ahead.  Although it’s easy to make a resolve to make changes in the new year, the hard part for most of us, is sticking to it. Especially in June, when your resolution that you made in January is just a distant memory.  So, how can we stay committed all year long? See below for some great ideas to get you on-track and how to stay there!

1- Pick a resolution that is in line with your core values
This is the big one. The number one reason that people don’t stick to their resolutions is that their resolution was not in align with their own values. Make sure that what you are resolving to do has a deep and powerful meaning for you. Maybe you’ve never made health a priority and want that to change. Have you made friends or family a priority? How can you make your health about them?

2 – Share your resolution
Tell friends and family what your resolution is. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. Write a blog. Sky-write it! Anyway to let your community of support know what your goals are. Even ask them to  join you! Create a pact with a few friends to help each other stay on track.

3- Be specific
Instead of “I want to exercise more this year.”
Make a specific resolution. “ I will exercise twice a week.”  Breaking your resolution down into measurable tasks also makes it much easier to achieve.

4- Try something new
If your resolution is to eat better, try taking a healthy cooking class. Try a new restaurant for inspirations.  Getting in shape? Try a new group exercise class or hire a personal trainer to mix up your workouts. Try ballroom dancing, rock climbing, anything that is new and different.

5- Write it down
Write your resolution down and put it somewhere that you will see it everyday. Work, home, the car,  anywhere.  If your a person who is more drawn to images, find a few that will support your goal  and add it to your text. Again, make them strong, or it won’t stick.

6- Don’t give up
Let’s say your resolution is to exercise twice a week. And you miss a week. Don’t beat yourself up. Get right back to it! Every week, day, hour and minute is a chance to renew your commitment.  You don’t have to give up on the whole year for a slip up. And remember, be kind to yourself. Your the only one who can get you to your desired end result.

What’s your resolution? We want to hear!

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